Opel returns as Disneyland Paris sponsor

Started by Kristof, November 20, 2012, 07:11:16 PM

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Opel has returned as a resort sponsor after their first contract ended. (Remember the Stunt Show vehicles used to be Opel branded?)

This time they don't appear to sponsor a particular attraction, but rather have visibility around the resort and especially on the hotel parking lots where their electric car Ampera can be found sporting the hotel's logo. Special loading stations and dedicated parking spots for electric cars are provided as well.

The Euro Disney board members have exchanged their gas powered vehicles for the environment-friendly Ampera.

Here's the Opel Ampera parked on Disney's Hotel New York parking lot. The QR-Code on the door goes to the Ampera mobile website available in almost every European language.

Photo source: Photos Magiques


Great news!  :thumbs:
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