Christmas header photos!

Started by Kristof, November 16, 2012, 11:04:52 PM

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Since Christmas has already began at Disneyland Paris, it was time for us to join the celebrations! The random banner photos have been changed to Christmas related photos from Disneyland Paris and (2) from Walt Disney World.

For those who are interested, here's the full collection.

Important If you don't see Christmas-related photos, you have to refresh this page so they replace the ones in your cache!

DLRP Roundup!

I must admit when I first came here, this was my favourite thing about the site instantly. Perfect :)
The Roundup
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wonderful selection!!!  :thumbs:
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Awesome photos. :D
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Great selection.


When will the Header photos be changed? I'm kinda fed up seeing Christmas pics now the Season's over, even though they are ALL beautiful. :?:  :)
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The Christmas header photos were great! I've saved them for next year, in case Kristof didn't. ;-)

However you'll be glad, Ravenseye, that I've now replaced them with the regular previous photos, so we're back to normal after the festive season (you'll probably need to refresh the page).


Lovely! Much better for January.
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