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Started by Anthony, February 05, 2007, 11:04:19 PM

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Dreams come true

Good to know , thanks both of you for the swift answer  :)


Hi - Long-time Disney veteran/trip planner/FP runner (back in the good old days) and MagicForums newbie here!

Our family is planning a 4 day DLRP trip in June and looking to get the Discovery APs with 20% discount for living at the same UK address.

The only option on the Disney UK AP page is to call
or purchase in person (and suffer the blackouts on days 2&3). On the French AP page (with a lot of help from Google translate) the tickets can be bought online but there's no discount or option to apply it

I called Disney who said it's not possible to get this discount in advance and the only way to do so is in-person. I asked whether I could pay the full amount now and be refunded the difference after showing proof of address in park, but apparently not as tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Has anyone experienced the same issue, and found a way round it?

Grateful for any help/advice anyone has on this.
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I seem to have lost my annual

I had a Magic Flex pass and was thinking of upgrading anyway to Magic Plus for the EMH. Could I call up and order a upgrade and pay for that. Or would I need to do that in the park and pay for a lost pass fee as well as the upgrade?


I guess you could try calling DLP and getting the upgrade like that, but I'm not sure if that is possible. I guess if you do it on site you'd have to pay the lost pass fee before you can get the upgrade.
However, being sure about what any Cast Member might decide at the ticket office (or BPA or on the phone for that matter) is something I will never claim to be :)


Technically you are doing two transactions, the upgrade and the reissue.
If you can upgrade via phone, you can do that, then  request a replacement pass. :-) Just call and check :)

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can you directly access the parks with the cheapest annual pass or is it blocked for 3 days after purchase?
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The Discovery Annual Pass has two blocked days following the day of purchase.


Hi quite a boo is to ap. we got our annual passes three weeks ago while in Disney. Does anyone know about the hotel discounts? While talking to a cast member while there they said we could get nearly 50% off but I find that really hard to believe? We've got magic plus ap and are looking to book the next trip. How do you go about doing it as we usually book through a travel agent and most of them include park tickets
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The discount is subject to period and availability, and totally unpredictable. All you can do is plan a date, call DLP and find out what the AP room-onpy prices are for that date. Always compare these prices with room-only via because the AP-prices aren't always the cheapest.


Hi there, sorry I'm new here and not quite sure what I'm doing hope this is OK to post, I am looking for a DLP annual pass holder that will be there on the 29th May and would be willing to purchase 3 adult and 1 child day passes for us as I understand it works out cheaper? Any advice welcome. We are only over for the weekend visiting a friend. Tia xx


Does anyone know if "Euro Disney Club" members can buy APs in advance of visiting the park, using their discount, but only activating their passes on first visit?

We're not visiting til August, but wanted to buy now to avoid price rise.

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