Bubbles in Disney Village

Started by longjohn, November 06, 2012, 10:52:30 AM

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I was in August in DLRP. I took a photo in Disney Village. There was a man in a stage throwing bubbles:

In the stage is possible to read:
"E!   Show every evening"

Does anyone have a full picture of the stage?
What was written on the stage?
Does anyone knows the name of the show?
Was there a programme for these shows in Disney Village?

Thanks for all


Hey I know this was a while ago but over the Halloween period there were lots of shows, I think a few every evening. They are advertised on Disney Village radio and probably in the program for the disney village which I think can be picked up at the information stand near Hurricane Disco.  The writing you can see there is actually "Celebrations Stage!" I believe, the backdrop changed alot and as I said, there was all sorts, dance demonstrations, magic shows, a dance party, this guy with bubbles :L and quite a long 'play' a few days after halloween with witches etc.. A lovely thing theyve added to bring the magic back to the village. There will be a lot over christmas, just listen closely to the announcements as you walk through the village, and also pick up a programme. :)
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Just a little correction: It's actually called "CELEBRATIONS LIVE!" ;)


Thank you both


There was a guy there last week at intervals doing the bubbles.  Last Summer there was a Cowboy Rodeo guy doing tricks with guns and lassos etc.  There never appears to be a programme of events for this area though.


Ah thanks Jens! Shame on me saying I looked at it every day for about 5 months.. :/ :p
We made a wish.. and believed and believed and VOILA![/color]
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this reminds me in early october when I was last there there was a man walking through the village on skis and wearing a santa hat, I seen him every night at the same time.  Anyone know what that was about?