The Enchanted Dark Ride

Started by BigDisneyFn, September 22, 2012, 04:29:25 PM

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Wouldn't Enchanted make a fab dark ride in yrs to come you could follow Gisell from the wedding to being pushed into the well it would be a rollercoaster indoor ride aswell. And you could slowly go thrue new york (happy working song, Thats how you know) Ballroom scene (so close) and then the battle between the queen and then they live happily ever after (Ever,Ever after) song to finish Ride Ends. What do you think I can only see this in the studio though unless they build Gisels HOUSE at the start of the film for the entrance in fantasyland?


Sounds good to me!!




Thanks for the comment ;D ;d X


I Love this idea :)


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Keep the creativity coming!  :thumbs:  =D>


This ride would be perfect for WDS if it had the animation-to-real world done right! Brilliant idea.


I think ENCHANTED just needs some more love there isn't even any more merchandise for it since the film came out if my idea's came true I'll be going to Disneyland Paris more often  so imagineers please read this page ;D....


And Thanks for moving this for me ;D.


1st scene TRUE LOVES KISS gisell and animals
2nd scene troll fight
3rd scene wedding/ down the well
4th section in new york/apartment
5th section "happy working song" with animals figuriens cleaning kitchen, frontroom, toilets e.t.c
6th scene "Thats how you know" in New York african drummers as you enter the scene and lots of people with happy faces (robots) and diffrent areas showing diffrent scenes in the song wedding dance, granny and grampas dancing builders dancing and others that where in the music video
7th scene "so close" masquerade ball scene
8th section evil queen battle
9th section "Ever Ever After" happy ending Ride end's with Julie Andrews saying and they all lived happily ever after ;D.
And that is my idea for the ENCHANTED DARK RIDE happy to here your thoughts let your IMAGINATION RUN WILD :D ....


Wow, very nice idea!


THANKS i just think Enchanted needs some love its one of my fav disney films next to beauty and the beast I just think it needs a ride/attraction or at least something : ).


I love this idea Enchanted is a great film that has unfortunately been forgotten by many :(


Quote from: "disneydreamer_x"I love this idea Enchanted is a great film that has unfortunately been forgotten by many :(
I know I love this film to bits one of my favs next to Beauty and the Beast if they would release more merchandise and hopefully a ride for it mabey people will remember it  [-o<