20th Anniversary Extended! — Until 30th September 2013

Started by Lorum, November 02, 2012, 10:44:04 AM

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The new official brochure has arrived to bring us some details of the upcoming extended version of the 20th Anniversary.


Here are some interesting information:

  • Disney Dreams! is announced to run daily until the end of September 2013.
  • Disney Magic On Parade will be available until November 2013.
  • Disney's 20th Anniversary Celebration Train, until the end of September 2013. This is the most logical one, because the extended version will be finishing by that date.
  • Disney's Fantillusion Parade does not appear.
What do you think? What is going to happen? Disney Dreams! just on certain dates? On week-ends? A new parade or a new name?

They also continue publishing graphic information about Disney Dreams!  with Ariel, Nemo, Toy Story and Alice.

However, the new 20th Anniversary Extended is here!
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No mention of the Fantillusion Parade in the brochure, that's a shame maybe it really has gone for good. :(
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This is good news as the last time I was there at DLP was March 2012 and was lucky enough to be there for the 20th Anniversary merchandise, but obviously not for the full shows or parades. I don't think I will get back till possibly summer next year, unless something changes, if it is then I got the feeling that it would be over. This is a life saver just incase. Hopefully this will be like the 15 Years Celebration and keep going for a while.. :)


I'm really hoping there will be more to the extension than what's already on offer.


this makes me so happy! due to some unfortunate circumstances we cant make Disney in March and are now looking at April (after their next birthday) and i thought i was going to miss the 20th stuff im happy to know im going to be able to see it all now =]
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 soooooooooooooo excited! I'm going May 2013!!!!!!!


I'm abit baffled as to why they arent celebrating the 21st Anniversary, only an extended 20th.
I'm taking my son back to DLP next year to celebrate HIS 21st, he was born just 2 months before the Park officially opened,  :mickey2:  :mickey2: and I figured it'd be great to have a 'backdrop' of 21st, plus merchandise etc etc... However, from what I read there are no plans for anything other than the big 2 0  :D
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i think it has something to do with how birthdays are looked at in most cases.....

with us lot (ie. humans (hehe it seems so funny writing that)) 13, 16, 18, 21, 30 etc are 'big birthdays' but when it comes to things like business, buildings... or in this case a theme park the 'big birthdays' are usually the 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 etc. rather than the 'coming of age' birthdays
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Yes, I  had a feeling that was the case. If I had thought it through I wouldve taken him back this year, but I feel that a 21st is more special. Anyway, at least we ARE going!  :D
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This is my first time using magic forum. im not sure if I am even posting correctly but here goes:
I will be going to paris in sept 2013 and will be visiting Disneyland paris on october 3rd 2013. Here are my questions:
1. Is it smart to stay 2 days instead of one day at the park? 2. Will it be crowded the first week of October #. will any rides be shut down?
im really excited to be going, I love disneyland in CA and im hoping disney paris will meet my expectations!


Hi! Welcome to the forums!

1) The 3rd is a Thursday, so it shouldn't be too busy, and with Fastpass on things you should get most things done. However, if you really want to enjoy the park (because there are a lot of things that can be discovered or you can really take your time over) then I'd suggest a 2nd day. It also means that you can stay for Dreams and not need to run off early to get home!

Are you wanting to do just Disneyland Park or would you also like to do Walt Disney Studios? If you'd like to do both (Studios is worth it for a couple more 'thrilling' attractions), you then you'll definitely need 2 days as Studios has a lot of shows which can easily occupy about 3 hours of your day!

2) Ride closures haven't been announced yet, but it's unlikely that Phantom Manor or Big Thunder Mountain will be closed as Frontierland takes up a lot of the Halloween festivities! You may get some of the Fantasyland rides down (and I doubt Casey Jr or Storybook Boats will be open as they're weekend only in off peak season), so you might lose Pinocchio or Snow White. But that close to a halloween break I don't think you'd lose any major attractions!

Planning that far ahead is very impressive by the way! I usually end up booking on a total whim!
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Disney has just posted a new video on YouTube.



Well, it's been around for a while now, that 2 scenes will be replaced with Brave and Lion King  :)


I'm happy about this!
I may be going in April so will get to enjoy the 20th anniversary celebrations  :D
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yeyyyyy im soooooooo happy, im going back with my son for our 16th or 17th tim!!! but this year we are taking his friend from school with us who has never been before i was hopeing this would be extended and my wish has been granted yeyyyyyy!!!!