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Started by Owain, January 05, 2007, 12:41:05 PM

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its my favourite ride eveerrr! (especially seen as that part of adventure land is my favourite too) and since ive been here.. about 2 months.. the longest ive waited for the ride is probably 10 minutes? i know we dont go at peak time its usually past 7pm.. but its so good how theres barely ever a queue!!
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The first ride we did when we arrived on 24th June was PoTC and I was shocked at how many AA were not working. Captain Barbosa was bent double over the side of the ship and many others were static. The worst one was the pirate who holds the stocking, his head had got stuck at an angle looking up, it looked really bizarre and the sword fighting pair were back but not working. The swinging pirate was back.

The next day almost all of them were working again, including the sword fighting pirates.

On Tuesday 26th it was over 30 mins late opening due to 'technical difficulties'

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There are news about the possible adding of Jack Sparrow into the ride?

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