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Started by Kajo, October 23, 2012, 10:23:16 PM

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my name is Katja and I'm from germany. Next week, I'm invited for a recruitment session and I'm really nervous. To know a bit more, I would be glad if you tell about what I have to expect and how to prepare myself. I didn't apply for audition but for work in a boutique, restauramt or whatever. An important question I have is: Which questions will they ask in the interview? When they asked you about your motivation to work there, what did you tell them? Do they really switch between english and french when interviewing? I also wrote in my application that I can speak spanish, so I'm asking myself if they will switch between english, french and spanish in the interview? What did you wear when you got to the interview? Should I wear a blazer?
A lot of questions, I know, But I would be so happy if you can help me!   ;)


Hi! Sorry if it's a bit late, I've just seen this. I did the same thing in England for boutiques etc, in March. If you said you speak other languages you will do most of the interview in french (or english) then switch to the other languages just for a chat (along the lines of 'have you ever visited spain?'), it's pretty simple stuff. (:
I got asked about why i want to work there, if I'd ever visited and what I enjoyed there, plus whereabouts you'd wanna work.
I wore a dress and little jacket to my interview, but you can really wear whatever you want, just no jeans obviously! A blazer would be perfect I think (:

GOOD LUCK! When do you want to start?


Hi guys, I know you posted this ages ago but wondering if anyone has any tips re: the recruitment session. I've got one coming up in France next month but the email says its 3 hours long?! Just wondering what they can make you do for that long, or does this include breaks/waiting times/etc? Not really sure what to expect, never had an interview last more than an hour or so before, even with group stuff!


Hi. Just to jump in here too.
I applied or week ago for the recruitment session in dublin and I haven't heard anything yet.
I know it says if you don't hear anything within three weeks then you haven't been successful, but I am beginning to feel a little down heartened. How long after you applied did you get a response?
I have more than 6 years of hospitality experience so I was feeling quit confident at the beginning but am now feeling less hopeful
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Hi everyone! I have an interview next week at a recruitment session in London but unsure on what the standard dress code is?! Does anyone have any advice on whether I should wear a suit or just a smart shirt and trousers? Would really appreciate your advice. Thanks!


The sort of feeling I get from visiting the French forums is that you should dress smart.  But at the same time, they won't punish you for not wearing a suit.   The sort of no-go areas are jeans and trainers.  

Good luck!  (I wish I knew the magic formula, I've applied with a decent track record of French language and a few months experience in customer service as a Olympic volunteer, and an obvious strong desire to work for Disney).


For everyone who would like to know what to expect, I made a full video about my own experience during the recruitmentsessions in Holland last year. I hope it helps. (:

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