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Started by Owain, January 30, 2007, 02:21:59 PM

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For people who do not no what Pal mickey is;

Experience the enchantment of Walt Disney World® Resort with the ultimate Disney expert, Pal Mickey. This huggable, interactive Mickey Mouse plush will let you in on insider park tips, give you parade and showtime reminders, tell you when your favorite characters are nearby, and let you know about short waits at your favorite attractions. Pal Mickey will entertain kids of all ages with his jokes, interactive games and fun facts that will make your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort truly magical.

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My Question is do you think Disneyland Paris will ever get Pal Mickey?
It would be a good idea !


:lol: I'd kill for a Pal Cheshire, but not a Pal Mickey.


Practically, it's not possible because of the several languages.
What language should Mickey speak? French, English, Dutch, ...
In the US they have 1 language, so it's easy to handle.

So I don't think Pal Mickey will get oversea to Europe.


I got a Pal Mickey when we went to Disneyworld Florida, he annoyed me a bit lol. He's cute, but he didnt half babble on sometimes. I dont think DLRP is big enough to have one. There wouldnt be as much for him so say. Which is a good thing i guess :P
"Indian Chief Indian Chief, clap clap, peekaboo peekaboo, bleeeeeeeeehhhhh"- Had that in my head ever since i saw Following the Leader with Peter Pan!