Working this Christmas?

Started by jack_1992, October 04, 2012, 11:49:58 PM

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So I am new here and was wondering if anyone here is working this Christmas at DLP?

I got an email today asking if I wanted to work as a server and well, I couldn't say no! It's honestly a dream to work at Disney and this is just going to be perfect.

So I have to call Monday to confirm and hopefully that means I get it!

I just wanted to know if anyone else was going this Christmas so I wasn't all alone?!

Jack :)


Hello Jack!!!

I am working this Christmas! I cannot wait :). After working the ICP in Florida, this is going to be so magical - CHRISTMAS AT DISNEY!

Very nervous about the Monday call, however. How French do you think it will be?

Hopefully see you in December!



I'm working this Christmas at Walt Disney Studios in a shop! Haven't received my e-mail yet, but got my contract today, so I guess i'll send that off first before I get any other information. :) Can't wait.


I got an email saying to call monday too :) yay! hopefully this means I can work their this Christmas! I'll be on Operator/Animator of attractions :)  (please let me have Tower of Terror!) haha
Nice to meet you all!
Jess :D
I Do Believe In Fairies <3


I'm working at World of Disney this Christmas =]


Hi everyone! I'll be working at christmas, after working the summer and halloween. I'm in boutiques, Coffre du Capitaine! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask or inbox (:


I know i'll be working in a boutique in Walt Disney Studios, but don't know which one.. will I find all this out when I get there?


Lucky lot!

Care to share your experiences?  :)