Your 3 most-wanted future projects?

Started by Anthony, January 28, 2007, 04:27:55 PM

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little mermaid attraction
beauty and the beaast attraction
splash mountain
well we all cant come and go by BUBBLE!

be careful, or Ill drop a house on you.


Quote from: "djdisney1"i want splash mountain
updated ride of potc
a monorail around the disneyparis resort!
Personally, I hate monorails, except when they are just to be used OUTSIDE of the parks; if they go IN the parks, in my personal opinion they ruin the atmosphere of the parks, so i really really hope they will never put it INSIDE any of the parks.

If a monorail was to be put in place, I would like for it to just go to the central hub of the resort (somewhere near the train station), and go to the varios hotels and perhaps the golf courts and shopping center in la vallée, but that's about it (or davy crockett... and of course the THIRD PARK TO BE OPENED!!!)
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Quote from: "djdisney1"updated ride of potc

I really don't think this is a good idea. If the third and proposed fourth Pirates continue along the same standard as the sequel everyone will be sick of Pirates by the time it's all over. 'Pirates Fever' is just a fad, and that doesn't belong in Disneyland. Plus in the American updates, they actually played that hideous overblown nonsense composed by Hans Zimmer in one of the scenes.


trying to be realistic here

1. Streetmosphere - although how this would work with the languages I dunno

2. 2nd street in the village

3. Fireworks/fantillusion every weekend.