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Started by swanilo03, September 11, 2012, 09:21:45 PM

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Hi Amy,
thank you very much for sharing your experience! I'm really thinking about auditioning on the 21st or 22nd (Were you allowed to reaudition the next day, by the way?), but I'm not sure if they're looking only for prinesses and dancers.
  [Female look-alikes*
   Mulan (5'2"–5'6"/157-168cm), Princess Tiana, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and Snow White (5'5"–5'8"/165-173cm),
   Sleeping Beauty and Princess Jasmine (5'4"–5'8"/163-173cm).
   Dancing roles*
   All heights are welcome.]
I don't really want to fly all the way to London to be told that I'm too short for a princess or whatever :( So I was wondering if they are still looking for costumed characters as well.. ?
And are you going to attend this audition, too? :)
Hope to hear from you soon!
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hello Sandra,

your talking to one of the experienced ones, there is no harm going both days however if you do get sent home on the first day you will be on the second as the judges are looking for the same thing over the two days.

No one is guaranteed to know what the judges are looking for, its been two years i have auditioned and have made it to the waiting books once. I say go for it you never know you could just well be what the judges are looking for. most of the time if you are not a face character then more times than not they need show and parade performers. As the director says "everybody will have to do character sets".

i be there to give it a go on the 22nd March on a friday. Give it a go its the whole experience that counts, if the worst comes to the worst you can always audition in other countries. i would love to play minnie or mickey for my height.

i look forward to hear from you soon.




Is anyone going to the auditions this week? March 21st or 22nd in London?
I'm so excited but I'm worried I'm not going to even get through to the audition because of my visa etc (I live in the UK and have a UK working visa but not EU).



Hi guys I'm new to the forum , am a HUGE Disney fan and I have just done the audition in London on the 21st march and got through to the 6 month waiting list as a character, does anyone know on a rough guess , how long does it take them to reply with some start dates and people with experience, how long did it take them to get back to you with start dates ? . thanks  Guys :)


hi swooddow. i went to the same audition as you, got put on the waiting list. heard back two days ago with a contract, go out in weeks. :)


Hey! I'm auditioning at the London Auditions at the end of July is anyone going to those? Also does anyone know if an accent is bad? I'm coming from australia so I thought this might be a good question to ask :P


Is anyone here going to the Look alike auditions in London at the end of July? I am planning on going however I am coming from Australia to audition, does anyone know if that is harder to get a visa or something to work there?



Hi All,

Im attending the auditions this July in either Leeds or London for the look-a-like/ character auditions in Paris. Is anyone else going?

I watched SWOODDOW video for audition tips etc, very good and helpful watch. Thanks


Hi All,

I'm auditioning for a face character (look-a-like) at Disneyland Paris in July. I'm based in the west midlands so still not sure if to attend the London or Leeds auditions.

Just wondered if anyone else on here was attending either of these auditions?

I watched swooddow and his video blog, very good tips etc on their so thank you for that.


Hi guys, I'm auditioning on the 25th July in London to be a  character/parade performer. Any one else going to be there? My biggest concern is that I'm pretty tall for a girl (5ft 10) and therefore will just be too big for anything. Also, I have dance experience (intermediate ISTD ballet certificate) but I'm concerned about the difficulty of the dance part of the audition. Any tips?

Rachel xxxxx


I plan on attending on the 25th also! Hopefully see some of you guys there, good luck :)!


I plan on attending on the 25th also! Hopefully see some of you guys there, good luck :)!


hi people welcome to my Disney audition post that I set up,

Its Swanilo I can proudly say im going to the auditions London 26th July. I have been auditioning for 2 years and made it to the waiting list once.

5ft 10 still can be a character but chances are you will be  a prince or princess depending whether you look like the character your supposed to portray. Also beginner jazz level is always a bonus as you will have to do a dance round in the second part of the audition. So if you can dance that would nbe an advantage as you  might be selected for the character parades, which I think you can be any height.

If there are any more questions feel free to message me or add me on facebook. . Multi coloured wings swanilo or Lauren Callegari. I can also go through the procedure of the audition as its the same everytime.

Good luck and have fun, hope I helped .    And after two years I haven't stopped believing, my friend is now working there after her second attempt.


Hey guys, I'm going on the 25th to the London auditions! (:


Hi Amy

Please could I ask you a question.......What time did you arrive at Pineapple Studios?
Did you get there early & then queue for ages or did you get registered close to the audition time?
(Having a train nightmare at the moment & trying to see if I can get there close to the time)
Thank you x