The All New Dedicated to DLP Podcast Episode 1: The Return

Started by DedicatedToDLP(Steve), October 10, 2012, 10:17:58 AM

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Yes, the podcast is back! Well, it's not the same podcast, it's phase 2 – the new and improved podcast. In this first episode there's a ton of news and rumours, including Halloween, The Walt Disney Company relieving Disneyland Paris of €1,3 billion of debt, new shareholder's club membership constraints, new Disneyland Paris Ambassadors and much more! there are also a bunch of new segments for the podcast as the format has changed to include much more feedback from you the listeners. Hey, there's even some vinylmation chat! So, sit back and relax, and enjoy episode 1 of the Dedicated to DLP Podcast.

This is a completely new podcast feed so you will need to subscribe to this one in iTunes or whatever podcast service you use to grab your podcast episodes.

You can right click and download it for later. You can also grab it from iTunes here. If you have a non Apple MP3 player or phone then the subscription URL for you is
Dedicated to DLP - Celebrating Disneyland Paris

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