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Started by dmmosh69, August 24, 2012, 10:16:37 PM

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i ve looked all over the internet and i cant seem to find the cost of rides
i was wondering if any body knows the cost of rides  like
- dumbos flight
- radiator springs racer
-little mermaid
-tower of terror
-crush's coaster
-backlot tour
-stich live
-star tours
-goofys barnstorm
-toy story playland
- world of colour show
- aerosmith
-tarzan the encounter
- pirates of the carribean
- fantalusion parade

Pete's Dragon

Umm, they're free. Pay to enter - that's it.


Or do you mean the cost of construction?
Disneyland Paris
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    [li]April 2012[/li]
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Walt Disney World
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yeah sorry i meat cost of construction :)


I don't have an actual answer, but you might want to look at something like IAAPA.org to get some ideas, you can search "Disney" on their site search or have a browse of their Funworld magazine archive at http://www.iaapa.org/industry/funworld/

I suspect Disney are fiercely protective of attraction costs, and they manufacture/embellish a lot internally compared to regular theme parks, but I am sure you can get equivalent free market ride prices from those resources.

Hope it helps.