Non-Disney Films in WDS

Started by Columbiad, July 25, 2012, 08:30:07 PM

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Non-Disney Films in WDS: Yes or no?

Yes: create the ultimate movie park with a distinct Disney flair.
3 (75%)
No: keep it Disney, don\'t water it down.
1 (25%)

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As everyone knows the soundtrack in  Place des Frères Lumière is a medley of many famous European & American films, many not Disney. Taken from the WDS Fans site:

QuoteYann Tiersen's Amélie soundtrack fades into John William's Harry Potter theme, John Barry's Goldfinger merges effortlessly into Alan Menken's Disney classics, James Horner's Titanic mixes straight into Max Steiner's Gone with the Wind. The magic and power of Disney's music loops has never been more apparent than when you step through the studio gates with these classics echoing around.

The soundtrack pays homage to the brilliancy of European cinema, something I believe is one of Walt Disney Studio's key themes being in Disney's French Resort and something I think that the park should push in the future. In comparison to it's companion park, I believe it should also cater for an older audience, and move away from Disney's Classic animated films, as is covered in Disneyland, with the exception of Toon Studio. .

Now, if we are to narrow down what films Disney has in it's repertoire that can be exploited to create attractions that fit within this frame, we come up with with a dismal handful. Armageddon, Dragons in London, 102 Dalmatians - no blockbusters or critically acclaimed hits.  But - how would you feel, should Disney (however unlikely) were to make deals with outside Studios to create attractions in WDS?

We could see the first European Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a land dedicated to the world of Hugo, sets from James Bond, a restaurant inspired by The Artist, a coffee shop from the world of Amélie, a Doctor Who TARDIS simulator, a gallery of the art of The Illusionist, an attraction dedicated to Pan's Labyrinth to name but a few possibilities.

What do you think - would this water-down the "Disney" in Walt Disney Studios, or amplify the Studio's homage to European and American cinema?


I always thought that we should have a more european flavored Great Movie Ride. After all, Cinema was invented by the french.



I absolutely LOVE tokyo Disney sea. It has nothing to do with Disney movies, but its got a great theming with the Jules Verne books!
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