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Started by Macchiato, August 15, 2012, 04:14:05 PM

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Hi everyone!

I just got back from my latest Disney trip last week and as always it was an amazing holiday. But there was one thing that really annoyed me. It was nearly impossible to get something to eat in the evening. Most of the counter-service restaurants were already closed and quite a few table-service restaurants too. One evening not a single restaurant in Frontierland was open. Yep, not a single one. Same thing in Fantasyland, but this I could at least understand a bit more since Fantasyland closes earlier to prepare for Dreams. We were really hungry and quite angry at that time (I always get grumpy when I'm hungry).

Finally we got to Cafe Hyperion, which was still open, thankfully. But half the lines were closed, still, and what seemed like a gazillion people were waiting to be served. I didn't look at my watch, but it seemed like ages till it was our turn.

I didn't really understand this. The park was packed, quite literally, but only a handful of restaurants served the guests. Don't they lose a lot of money that way? And it seems like bad show. Especially with the longer opening hours all year round...Are they understaffed or something? Anyway, I wish they would communicate this better. If I had any idea that this would be the situation we would have gotten something to eat earlier. Seems like next time, I have to go to City Hall every day to get some info on the opening times of the restaurants.

Well, that was my one gripe in an otherwise magical trip. Did some of you have the same problem?


I've been at Dlp 3 weeks ago and i was kind of scared of that problem, but there were enough open counter restaurants!!!
We had dinner at Colonel Hathi's, Last Chance Cafe (which is in Frontierland!), Lucky Nugget Saloon or Au Chalet de la Marionette. Cafe Hyperion was open, but you mentioned it already and i think Fuente del Oro and Bella Notte were open as well. All restaurants on Main Street are open till 10pm i guess and the others closed approx. around 9pm. Maybe you were hungry later??
I'm sorry to hear that as it was a big concern of mine- we also thought of asking at City Hall about opening times- but we were glad with the situation.
I absolutely agree that more restaurants should be open late but also years ago Toad Hall, Hakuna or Fuente del Oro were always closed in the evenings.


We looked for something to eat around 8.30 pm I think..but I can't remember exactly, always forgetting the time in the parks.  ;)  Maybe it was 9pm or later, could be. Lesson learned: eat something before 9 pm, I guess!

It was really only one evening, where Fuente, Last Chance Cafe, Hakuna Matata and all the Fantasyland restaurants were closed..we went to each of them! I don't know about the table service restaurants or buffets, since we weren't that hungry. So maybe it was just bad luck combined with the rather late time.

Still, it wouldn't be unreasonable to have the restaurants open till 9.30 or even 10. I understand that at that time many  are already waiting for Fantillusion and Dreams, but it would still be nice to get a bite to eat somewhere else than Mainstreet or Cafe Hyperion.