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Started by DisneyManiac, August 06, 2012, 08:47:08 PM

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NOTE: I don't know where to put this but I placed it here! If I am wrong please change! Thanks!

Anyway, I have been thinking of this for sometime and I think the web needs it. I got this idea from Star Wars: The Old Republic but thats in the past! I'm focusing on NOW! So I have been thinking about this for sometime. Here's a bit that I remember:

Space Station.......HELP WANTED! Could you please help come up with a name for the Space Station. REMEMBER! It has to do with something about Star Wars/Star Tours!

{Space Station Name} is the stomping ground of the famous Star Tours. Based on the ride simulator at Disney Parks, your avatar enters by transport from the planet they last visited. They book their flight at Booking Offices then head to the Terminal that is on their ticket (e.g. Terminal 1,2,3 etc.), then they can either wait for the flight or buy some souvenirs to show off in their Homes. The player will be notified by message or listening over the tannoy when their flight is ready for boarding. For example the  tannoy can say a number of things like:

Tannoy: May I have your attention! Flight 67 bound for Tatooine will be arriving in 2 minutes! We would advise you to take your personal belongings and take a toilet break as there are no toilets aboard the Starspeeders! Thank You!

Tannoy: May I have your attention! Flight 45 (Used in the ride)* AKA The Endor Express has now arrived at Boarding Gate 12 and is now ready for boarding procedures! Please make your way to Boarding Gate 12 immediately! Thank You and we hope you have a pleasant journey!

Other than flying with Star Tours you can also sign up to be a member of staff like a Security Guard or Pilot. Now with the pilot job you can go whether you want as long you arrive at your destination somehow. Or you can use the special Route Maker, which allows you to create a route from your departure back to it or can just go crazy!  But don't worry! There is no real people aboard your flight! There just test dummies!

So that's as far as I got for now! Any ideas to add? Put below! Thanks! :D

* The Tannoy does not say this!