Restaurant Suggestions?

Started by HayHay, August 05, 2012, 11:10:20 PM

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On our next trip we've decided we're going to have small meals in the day and then have a bigger one at a 'fancy' restaurant as we call them lol but we're not sure which ones.  So thought would ask for people's opinions on here! :)

We've eaten at Rainforest Cafe and Annette's Diner before so was thinking of other ones.  Restaurant names that have been thrown around have been:

Planet Hollywood
Cafe Mickey
Blue Lagoon
Plaza Gardens

Baring in mind we have 2 veggies with us so some of the restaurants have been ruled out, maybe?

If anyone would like to tell us their experiences at any of these places or others they think would be good please let me know? Thank you! :)


I dont know so much about vegetarian options but I would recomemd

Planet Hollywood although imo Planet Hollywoods eevrywhere are overrated but still nice.

California Grill and Inventions in Disneyland Hotel
The Steakhouse in Frontierland


Quote from: "jonathan"The Steakhouse in Frontierland

Presently closed :(



The Silver Spur closed- that's a shame.  Temporary or permanent?


Quote from: "jonathan"The Silver Spur closed- that's a shame.  Temporary or permanent?

I would hope only temporary, it is normally quite a pleasant meal there. It was typical summer though, all the decent table service restaurants in the Hotels were also closed, DLP seems to think we haven't got time for a decent meal in the summer :(



I often cant quite work out the business sense of it to be honest.  I guess they think the park is busy people will just eat hot dogs and fries while on the run to the next ride or show


Hi, HayHay,
I can only help you with the Blue Lagoon, as I didn't tried the other ones yet.
As I love Pirates of the Caribbean I like to eat here.
You have at least one veggie-option for starter, main course and dessert (of course ;) ).
If you like fish and Caribbean-style food you are right in the Blue Lagoon.
I love the themeing of the restaurant. It's like dining at the shore of the Caribbean sea with lanterns, palmtrees. Try to get a table at the waterfront and you can watch the boats of Pirates of the Caribbean, as they pass the restaurant.
We ate there five times by now and it was always tasty.


thank you for your replies! :)

we've decided on rainforest cafe! :)