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Started by MouseMagic, July 31, 2012, 03:48:43 PM

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Does any one know about the Sequoia Lodge version of castle club that is supposed to be opening February? Heard something about it but would love to know if its true and if so. some more details?



Suppose to have Golden Forest Club Rooms or something like that but not available until Summer 2013. Just pricing guides now available on DLP website along with brochure.


the sequoia comes second only to the Disneyland Hotel for me =] i do believe it was the first disney hotel we ever stayed in too =]
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Lorna Kelly

I love the Sequoia Lodge- it has such a homey feel to it. I always feel calm there.  :D


Hey guys,

Im going  Disney with a group of about 40 of us in april and staying in this hotel has anyone else got any photos of other bits of the hotel i,e reception, shop, hallways, restaurants.

Many thanks

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We had a Winter visit to the SL and it was the perfect hotel for the season, mainly due to the real fire in the bar area. Very cosy! Love it.
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hawian rollercoaster

do the rooms have hair dryers.


Our room did - top floor montana room. Was not much use for me though as I have long thick hair :(


Confirmed- our Montana rooms both have one too.