Fantasy Imagineering: Brave Theme Park

Started by orsie, August 23, 2012, 04:50:22 PM

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Ok, so every time I watch a Disney movie I am going to create a whole theme park based on it and the last film I saw was Brave. As well as Brave the park would also feature a small land dedicated to La Luna, the short film that precedes the movie. As you enter the park you will immediatley be transported to the kingdom of DunBroch, in Scotland. You will be faced with a street full of small carts and trade stands (to give the feeling of a market). Beyond this will be the massive castle (or more fort) we see in the movie.

You will be able to wander through that archway and inside you will find some activites for kids that are seen in the movie (Archery etc.). You will then be able to wander inside the castle where the first ride awaits. This will be a dark ride that goes through the key moments in the movie and is contained completely inside the castle. The ride will be posistioned on the first floor of the castle with the lower floor being used for a walkthrough attraction where you can see what goes on every day in the castle (including lots of fun antics with the triplets). To the left of the courtyard will be a large star on the floor which when stood on will open an automatic door to the La Luna land.
To be continued...
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