Long awaited tidy up.

Started by EthanR, July 23, 2012, 06:32:12 PM

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Yes the weather will have a factor on rides like the teacups, but not on the indoor ones like pirates or phantom, and these are effects that guests can't touch.
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I always used to think this was just a problem with my eyes, but some of the dark rides are just too... dark. There are some rooms particularly in the Phantom Manor and Peter Pan where it's too dark to see some of the props. Maybe the black lights have become too dim or something, but I think it's a really important thing they need to fix. I can't even see the crow in the sayance (spelling?) with Madame Leota. :(
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Quote from: "Josh"I always used to think this was just a problem with my eyes, but some of the dark rides are just too... dark.
Not just rides but queue areas as well. In an empty Pirates queue, I felt like I was going to walk into a wall at any moment. I also almost fell down the stairs when entering Nautilus, because my eyes couldn't adjust quickly enough and I couldn't see a thing.


Maybe if they were better lit we'd spot more areas that need to be cleaned, tidied up, repainted or fixed lol  So maybe theres a method to their madness !!   ;)   :D


im all for refurbs, i just wish they didnt have them overlapping esp phantom manor and peter pan! i was really looking forward to them both, but they (along with a few others) are all out when im there :(

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Be nice if they could do it all overnight wouldnt it? lol


But do you see the problem? Everybody wants refurbs, but actually nobody wants them to be done during their stay (as so many people are stating that they hope it will be done for week X in month X while they are at DLP). Of course it is bad if one of the most popular rides like PM would be closed for weeks, but I'd prefer doing it without PM on one of my trips instead of seeing a beloved attraction falling apart. Even if there are many people visiting DLP only once and thus they wouldn't have the chance to experience PM, what will they think if they see a ride like a "cheap and tacky ghost train down the seafront or at the fair"? We are in the comfortable situation to be able to visit DLRP 365 days a year, so we should accept that time by time some rides will be closed. And concerning PM, a 4 day refurb will never be sufficient to fix all the problems. This ride needs a refurb from scratch, even if there will always be people complaining about rides being closed during their trips.
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