I've got my audition for DLRP performers next week!

Started by adamguy_6, January 15, 2007, 08:02:59 PM

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Hey guys,

Got an e-mail from casting saying that I've got an audition date next week for performer work!

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to expect? I got told you have to do some characterisation work, and they teach you a simple dance routine to the 'All Around the World.'

Any advice or warnings of do's and dont's?

Thanks guys!
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Poppy The Monkey

Hi, the auditions are not too daunting.

You will first have to perform various mimes and a dance routine.

In both cases you will perform X-factor style in front of the panel of 4, at the end of each stage when all have performed a cut will be made - normally leaving about 10% of performers successful per audition.

Just keep smiling and look interested in the presentations you will have to sit through - also make sure you are looking well presented, one of the things they check is hair length, clean shaven etc.

If you need anymore info PM me.


I wish you the very best of luck! Please post on here afterwards and let us all know how you got on!

I wish I could dance. I did Taekwondo when I was little instead. Would love to work in DLRP! :stitch_bounce:

The Butlin Boy

Good luck! :D


i believe its at pineapple in london on the 24th, i got sent da same email, but im on my managemnt course so i caant go, damn it, but i hope to audition in july time to get out there for september time. I hope they accept, have been badgering abit......

the auditions are fun tho, been o a few other the last 4 years, been to about 4 i think, and the last one i got through, woo hoo, but didnt get a contract..., but n e way... i send u da best of luck.......


Good Luck, my friend is going to the same audition, i hope she gets it, coz hopeully il be there this summer and il get to be out there with her!  :D  :D


good luck!  :D


good luck!
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Good luck, how did you get invited for the auditions? Did you send an application letter? to where?
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Thanks guys! Its tomorrow so will let you know how it all goes.

Suzie,  the way I found out was through adverts that they put up in 'The Stage' newspaper. It was for the xmas season, which I couldn't do. I submitted my CV to them anyway, and they e-mailed back notifying me of auditions for the Summer season :)

If you want the general DLP casting e-mail, then PM me and I'll give it to you! :D
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Good luck with it all!! Let us know how it goes. I contacted about working there in the summer and they said send all my stuff off around April? Well I've almost finished my things I need to do, then I'll have it checked and sent off.  I guess I'm too late for these auditions, but maybe the next ones.


Hey Guys!

Sorry that I have taken so long today, but have been pratting about in audition rooms since 8 this morning and just collapsed on my bed and slept when I got in lol!

Well, I passed all the auditions and interview and was offered Character work only. I buggered up the dance because there were so many people in the room, I couldn't see the guy teaching us the moves AT ALL! A bit annoying, but I just 'performed' and kept smiling. It means that I don't get to work as a Parade performer - which is a little dissapointing (I would like to have done both) but ah well - will see what happens when I go over!

They also pegged me for a face character as one of the Princes. Which is kinda cool!

Because my availability didn't start until later (1st June) I wasn't offered a contract there and then. What will happen is Daniel (The guy in charge of casting) is going to work out a contract that suits the availability dates you put down (in my case 1st  June - 31st September.) Until then I am on 'Standby'!!

As far as the audition process went, I turned up into a room filled with about 300 hopefuls. After you all filled out a form and got a number, they gave a presentation on the resort, the pay CM's get and the benefits available to them, and what to expect in the day.

You then get your height measured, and placed into a height category. For example, any 6ft-6ft5 is in the 'Goofy' Category. Anyone 4ft - 4ft 5 Is in the 'Mickey' Category etc.

Once that is all done, the guy gets you to all stand facing the mirrors. He informed us that we were all about to practice the 'Animation' section, where they judge your 'acting' skills. You have to be big, animated and energetic. To the count of Eight, you must walk forward like a cowboy. Then, to the count of eight, you turn around on the spot as if you were a pirate. Once again, to the count of eight, you perform on the spot as if you were one of the seven dwarfs. To the count of three you walk left and strike a 'Villain Pose.' Again, to the count of three, you walk right and strike a different 'Villain Pose.' To the count of eight you either courtsey like a Princess, or bow like a Prince - and then you leave the stage waving and jumping about like a madman!

We rehearsed this a few times, a couple of times with the music. After that, you sit around the edge of the room, and they call up 8 people at a time. You peform in front of the casting guys, they make notes on your form and then you wait for everyone else. Each group of '8' are all the same height.

After everyone has done this section, they make a first 'cut' and call out the numbers of those who have not been succesfull. Everyone who has passed stays in the room.

You then learn a dance, which starts of simple but ends up rather complicated. Like I say, It was so crowded and busy that you couldn't see him do the steps - leaving you having to guess most of them. IF YOU DESPERATELY want parade work, try and push to the front as much as you can, because If you can't do the dance well, you will not be offered any such work.

Once again, after rehearsing that for about 20 mins, you then perform it in groups of eight. If you cant do it well (or at all) DO NOT WORRY! Just keep smiling and try to go with it. Like the guy said; 'I can teach people to dance, I CAN'T teach people to perform!'

After everyone is judged, a second 'cut' is done.

Everyone who has passed both of these will be invited for an interview in the evening. For the majority of us guys, we were called over to the other side of the room, where they were going to judge our fitness for performing on stilts in the new parade. You had to run in a circle for seven minutes, kicking your knees up, side stepping etc etc. Anyone who didn't drop out before the seven minutes then did half an hour of press -ups, sit-ups etc!! You have to be very fit to be performing in a character outfit, on stilts and in a parade for 45 mins!

They take you photo, ask if you have a CV and staple that to your application form and give you an interview time later on in the day.

The Interviews are relatively informal. A group of about 6 of you sit around a table and talk to those in charge of casting. You are asked questions such as 'Why Disneyland Paris?' 'Whats your best experience in a job?' ' What's your worst experience in a job?' etc.

THE FINAL STAGE, they talk to you through all the nitty gritty details about wage, charges, illness, transport, accomodation and tell you what kind of work they would like you to do.

For those that can start almost instantly, they may offer a contract straight away. For those, like me, who can't start until a couple months time, they put you on standby and try to find a contract to fit your dates. THERE IS A CHANCE that nothing may ever come up, but you are kept on file for six whole months. During this time, both DLP and Yourself must keep in close contact. You must tell them if anything physical about you changes, if you are on holiday, if you have taken another job, if your availability changes etc. After the six months, you are asked to re-audition so they can re-evaluate your skills. What they are looking for changes all the time!

I do apologise if any of that was badly written, but I am soooooo sleepy lol! Hope all you potential CM's find it useful! :D


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The Butlin Boy

Congratulations! =D>


congratulations, too bad you werewn't picked for the parades though, but thankx alot for charing this with us, sounds really cool.
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Wow, Well done Adam.

Sounds like you had a very busy day though, all worth it though  i suppose :)