Working at the Disney Store UK?

Started by ilovedisneylandparis, July 09, 2012, 08:21:50 PM

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Hi guys! I wasn't sure where to post this but hoped that this section would be appropriate! I heard a few weeks ago that my local Disney Store was hiring in August, so I called up the other day and spoke to someone there (I think it was the manager but she didn't say so I can't be sure!). I just asked if they were still hiring, when would be a good time to bring a CV in, that sort of thing, and she said that they were but that there was also a chance they might be hiring one or two people before August!

She said to bring in a CV before the end of the week so I did, and I wrote a cover letter explaining all the usual stuff plus my love for Disney, how I wrote my dissertation about Disney princesses, how I have been to DLP 6 times, etc! I even put a photo of me at DLP wearing a Mickey t-shirt on it, haha, it says on their website that they like to hire people with a genuine passion for Disney so I thought I'd prove mine ;)

This was last Wednesday so it's been 4/5 days now - I was just wondering, in situations like these how soon is too soon to pop in and ask how things are coming along? I don't want to be really desperate and walk in far too early and make them feel like I am harrassing them or anything  :oops: , but I know that putting a face to a name and actually making the effort to drop in and speak to them again shows dedication and can often lead to a job. How long do you think I should leave it before doing that, or do you reckon I should wait to see if they get in touch with me? I'm sure they must get SO many CVs so I just thought it'd be a good idea to make myself known and hopefully stand out from the crowd a bit? Any advice would be very well received, thanks so much!  :ears:


Hey hun! sorry i know this post was a while back now.. did you ever hear anything from them..?? x
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