a disney themed wreck this journal

Started by SwipatronSparks, June 27, 2012, 05:49:41 PM

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hey guys, so i posted on the jigsaws thread about making a jigsaw of sorts for my wreck this journal, but the whole thing has disney themes to it.... so i fugured i would post pictures of the other disney themed pages as i go =]

first off.... a bit of background for those of you not familiar.

wreck this journal is a book who's sole purpose is to be destroyed, every page inside the book has an instruction of some description on it, from cracking the spine and doodling on a page to actually tearing pages out and loosing them forever (i dont joke there is actually a page inside the journal and the instruction is 'rip this page out, throw it out, accept the loss)
the pages are open to your interpretation and the whole idea is to get creativity flowing.... and this is what I have came up with....

so to start off the piccys heres the pages i have done so far =]
the cover....

the copyright page....

the make a mess, clean it up page.... (idea behind this one is that on the left is a jumbled up puzzle on the right is the puzzle put together)

the write backwards page (i mirrored it too so you can see what it says)
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This is really cool. I really want to get one of these journals. May have to pay a visit to Amazon.  :thumbs: