Toon Studio: The Finishing Touch

Started by Columbiad, June 26, 2012, 01:45:19 AM

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Toon Studio has had a lot of work on it the past few years, and I can't wait to see development move away from it to other areas of the park after Ratatouille, however, before it does, I think the area needs a finishing touch, to thematically cement the various bits together.

I am of the firm belief that a good design costs nothing, and that a small, cheap, well-designed solution can fix big problems.

To bring together the various areas of Toon Studio (Crush, Cars, Carpets, Toy Story, Ratatouille) I propose a series of statues around the area, either of objects, or characters, that remind guests of the original theme of the land: Where the toons come to work and create their films.

The first would sit slap bang in the centre of the Animation courtyard, featuring Donald Duck filming Mickey as the Sorcere's Apprentice. Also a fountain, it would bring much needed water into the park.

The nest statues would be found in the Toontown area - here we find three movie camera's, enchanted by Mickey (ala the Broomsticks in Fantasia) to carry rocks and water for the Cars and Nemo sets. Perhaps even in summer, the buckets could fountain real water.

At the Entrance to Toy Story Playland, and to cover the back of the Art of Animation building, we find Andy's mother's home movie camera, nestled amount the bamboo, suggesting Andy was making some movies of his own.

The final idea I had (and, unfortunately, here unillustrated) was to have, at the entrance of the Parisian quarter, where the Paris facades begin, to have the one closest to the rest of Toon Studio only half-painted, and have Remy and Emile, to scale, with paintbrush's and tiny rat-sized scaffolding, painting the set.


These ideas are amazing!
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That would be brilliant if Disney did that.


Great ideas & drawings, I especially like the idea for Toy Story Playland. It's totally true that all the studios need to re-establish the theme are small additions, not necessarily a huge new studio-themed attraction. Although if it's true that they are planning on changing the theme completely I guess these won't be needed  :( .


This is really similar to what I suggested a while ago. But this is much better than what I was imagining! They're really simple ideas that would tie the place together perfectly. :D

(And getting rid of the chequered floor design would be nice too!)
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