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Started by mary, June 24, 2012, 09:49:01 PM

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In 2010 we had the New Generation festival, in 2011 we had the Magical Moments festival.  They seem to change so often in Disneyland Park, but in Walt Disney studios they seem to have the same parade for longer.

My first memories are of the Festival of Fools back in 1997,  the 5th anniversary of the park.  There were so many changes to the park itself, such as gargoyles on the bell in central plaza.  I feel really nostalgic when I see anything to do with this parade.  Has there always been specific themes, or is it just for special anniversaries.  Someone may know of a list of festivals and parades throughout the years - if so I would appreciate any information anyone has.

If anyone has a park guidefor 1997 maybe they could download it to the site for me to see - I did have one but it seems to have disappeared.


My website Euro Souvenirland might be a help to stir some memories of Disneyland Paris past!

Particularly the Timeline for a list of past events, and the Memorabiliasection for old park guides, etc.

Here's a 1997 park guide: http://www.eurosouvenirland.com/memorab ... uide-book/

They've primarily used festivals and theme years in the past to fill in gaps where there haven't been new attractions opening, or to package several smaller events up into one. 1995 had a smaller Space Festival but was mostly about the opening of Space Mountain. 1998 on the other hand had The Year of Disney Classics, because they didn't have any attractions opening.


Thank you so much, Anthony.  I have used the links and found so much information.  Its great to have someone that can point you in the right direction.  Thank you again.


Sorry to bump this but what exactly has happened to eurosouvenirland.com? Has it changed site or closed down or what? There's a large number of members on other sites/forums totally confused at what seems to be the loss of such a great site.  It was a fantastic resource.
We get a page from Lunarpages saying the site is unavailable. It's been like this for quite some time now.