TIP: Add social network buttons to your magicforum profile

Started by Anthony, June 15, 2012, 01:41:33 AM

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Want to quickly and easily share your Twitter, YouTube or other links with fellow members? Now you can!

The space below your profile picture and user information on topic pages has now been updated to become more useful, allowing you to prominently display links to your personal Website, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Many members have been choosing to share these links in their signatures — now there's a dedicated space right on your profile, so consider moving your links here instead!

Click here and scroll down to update your profile now!

Of course, remember that these links will be publicly viewable by anyone, so keep your privacy in mind while sharing links to personal profiles. We imagine Twitter and YouTube being the most popular to be shared here, since they're heavily used by the Disney fan community and are already more "public" in their nature.

Note: Remember to copy and paste the full link for each profile, including the http:// !


The layout on here with the new icons just keeps getting better. Just when you thought that was it, another feature or icon comes along, impressive on the whole since the revamp started..  =D>

Keep up the good work..  ;)  :D


Awsome guys!!! Well done!  :thumbs: