First Quarter Announcement for Fiscal Year 2007

Started by Kristof, January 25, 2007, 01:12:56 PM

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Some good news:

• Revenues increased 6% to € 284 million
• Theme parks attendance and hotel occupancy increased driven by strong Halloween and Christmas seasons
• Negotiations with trade unions successfully completed

Full report here:


Sounds good, do we reckon things will increase more because of the 15th? How well are the hotels book does anyone know?


6% Growth is amazing for them!  And normally that'd make me worried Summer would suffer as a result, but with the anniversary aswell - this could really be that bumper year they need to give them a good push.  It's good that it seems to have all come from theme parks and hotels too, since the real estate (val d'europe etc) actually only had half as much income as last year.

Things like the new website and kids free will hopefully help in the next few months - it might be tough going until the anniversary starts in April.


You say it might be tough until April, but I jsut booked to go March 19th for 3 nights and was told that bookings are significantly up on last year due to the 15% discount offer that is running for all bookings made before 31st January, so it may be ok...


This is great news. Even when I thought that the previous Christmas and Halloween seasons couldn't get any better attendance wise, this number proves me wrong. Hopefully this upward trend will continue, but I do have confidence that it will, especially with all the new enhancements, attractions and the 15th anniversary starting in a few months.  :wink: