Speaking french

Started by RachelN76, June 10, 2012, 06:23:43 PM

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You're safe with 'parlez vous anglais' because in 9/10 cases they'll say "yes" and then you get your english AND you've made the effort with french :D
Just remember the merci at the end and they'll think you're charming! :')
:D x
We made a wish.. and believed and believed and VOILA![/color]
Here we are... <3[/b]


i always say bonjour or bonsoir to the CMs and every one of them say,s hello back,and when i ask them how they know i,m english they laugh and say it,s my accent,i have noticed that they do this with most british people.I personaly think it,s polite to try and talk the language of the country you are visiting,after all,if someone came up to you in britain and spoke in their language you wouldn,t be too happy.


I was in the mustard shop in Dijon before (no, really!) and I held a conversation in French. I was so proud! As I left the assistant said 'Bye bye' and I realised I hadn't fooled anybody! I also tried to ask for a cork screw when I was checking in at the Cheyenne in January.. Poor girl went bright red and didn't realise it was a perfectly innocent request! :oops: I do like to try though, I'm in that persons country, I'd be pretty bewildered if a French person came up to me in Glasgow and expected me to know what they were saying!


My native language is English but for the last year, being in France, I am now fluent in French also :)
At the parks I LOVE speaking in french with the cast members, and I trouve most of them really lovely. But now that I'm a little bit francaise I feel sorry for english/other people because they can't joke as much with the cast members ! I went with my french sister and we had a great time chatting with pretty much everyone along the way. :)