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Started by RachelN76, June 10, 2012, 06:23:43 PM

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I always  try, I think it is polite as you are in their country and I think that they always appreciate it. As such I have never found the French to be rude, probably as they can see I'm making the effort, (but I have seen plenty of rude English people in France!).

If I need to say something too complicated I can always use 'En anglais?' and then they are fine. you can also use 'Qu'est-ce-que c'est (English words) en Francais' and then put it together yourself. Also 'Je dois appendre' (I need to learn) if you don't want them to take over the conversation in English.
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We also try to speak French when talking to CMs. I think it's rude to start talking in English. My French isn't that good anymore, but I still know the most importatnt phrases. Most of the time the CMs are friendly and offer to talk in English. I think it's rude in general to visit a country and to don't know anything of the culture.


I know just enough French to get by everywhere.

I do feel like, years ago when I first went to DLRP it seemed like CM's would easier speak to you in English.
My past 2 trips, the only thing I really heard was French, if I compare with trips much longer ago.

But that's good, I need to brush up on my French anyways, so it can only help me to speak it better ^^


i studied french for 5 years in school.... and going to Disney through out those 5 years and then on beyond that has helped me keep it up.... i wouldn't say i am fluent by any means but i can hold a very basic conversation (eg. saying hello, asking how someone is, thank you, goodbye etc.) i can also count pretty high in french as well so that kinda helps a little... the only problem with me is i know basic conversation pieces in Spanish and Japanese as well as quite often speak simple words (yes, no, thanks and others) within my normal speaking style (what i mean there is that i quite often answer people in different languages eg. rather than saying what in English 9 times out of 10 i will say it in Japanese) so there has been a few times while at Disney i have spoken french at the beginning of the conversation and ended it in Japanese.... there was this one CM serving me once who i did that to, he was amazing he didn't look at me strange or anything just continued the conversation when i moved from french to Japanese, he finished by saying in English that my pronunciation in both languages was good.... then we both had a bit if a laugh when i noticed just what i had done =] :oops: kudos to the CM though for being able to hold that convo with me
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I always think it's polite to speak a little bit of French if you can but my skills are quite limited so I only really know "Bonjour", "Merci beaucoup", etc, quite basic stuff, and I try to ask "Parlez-vous Anglais?" so I'm not just presuming that they speak my language, which I always think is a bit arrogant. But I did notice that when I approached a CM and said "Bonjour!" they would often then continue in French and then I would have to say "Pardon, Anglais" which was a bit embarrassing.

I feel bad for the CMs sometimes - it must be hard knowing what language to speak. My boyfriend always just said "Hello!" which did seem to actually work better, because at least that way they knew we were English  :oops: I'd quite like to learn some more French so I can have a conversation in a shop with a CM :) I can do a basic shop purchase when it's just saying hello, thankyou, understanding how much the items cost, etc, but a couple of times a CM asked if I wanted a boxed item, or if I wanted the special offer (you know when they have something on offer for 4.99 or something if you spend 10 euros, that sort of thing) and then I had to say "Sorry!" and explain that I wasn't very fluent :)


A term I just learned last year and found rather interesting is "pourboire", which  )literally translates as "for drink" and means a tip (like if you give the helpful guy from the luggage 2 euros)
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Quote from: "Thaliel"A term I just learned last year and found rather interesting is "pourboire", which  )literally translates as "for drink" and means a tip (like if you give the helpful guy from the luggage 2 euros)

it's actually 2 words, hehe "pour boire"
boire = drinking
pour = to/for


How well do the cast members respond if you speak in French? I am going on a year abroad to France in September as a requirement to my university course and I am planning on spending a couple of days in Disneyland near Christmas. On earlier trips I always spoke English since my family couldn't really speak French well, but this time I would like to use my French as much as possible. If anyone could give me some advice then that would be brilliant, thanks.


Well, they respond really well, as it's the first language they will great you in ;) or when you are bying something in a store they will tell you what you need to pay in French.

It's only when you look at them with this vague expression on your face (haha), that they will start talking to you in English.


Thanks - or merci I should say. I'll try not to look gormless.


De rien (no problem) ;)

Well, that's what I did, haha, mainly because some of them don't have French as their first language but they speak it anyway, and I just couldn't understand someone, and I just stood there like this o_O haha


This whole thing is actually hard to call because I know some of you say you don't like not attempting any french, but then when you come up to the till and say Bonjour the CM speaks in French which you then don't understand.. :lol: What i've started noticing with my friends and what i'm trying to do myself, is say Bonjour straight away.. and if they reply with a french bonjour I carry on in French, but if the accent doesnt sound french or they dont say anything, ill go "parlez-vous francias? english? espagnol?" :L at least to get the guest talking or knowing that im trying to make an effort in any language :D I guess the best thing to do if you want to attempt abit of french, is say bonjour, parlez vous anglais? or the minute you dont understand what you need to, just say "anglais s'il vous plait?", so the CM knows to switch :D ahh language boundaries are so difficult!! <3
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oh and if anyone wants to know a sentence they want to use on holiday in french, i think theres enough people here to help you so ask away! :p
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I'm Belgian (from the Dutch/Flemish side) but I speak English, French, German and Spanish too. So I always speak French at the resort. But I know from experience the CMs are very fluent in English and some even prefer conversing in English rather than French because it's supposed to be a common language that nearly everyone understands.

Quote from: "Thaliel"I can understand French quite well and can use single vocabs. But when it comes to holding conversation, I'm busted. Never know what tense to use and how to properly conjugate the verbs I need and how to make proper syntax.

It's not needed to conjugate verbs properly like you'd do in school-French. Most frenchmen don't even know how to properly conjugate themselves. They use a passé simple instead of a passé composé and vice versa. And commonly, in most languages, natives pay more attention to vocabulary rather than grammar... I know I do.   ;)

Like many of you have said; I'd try my best to start off in French and say simple things like "Merci" at the end of a conversation. Even those who don't speak French at all could still thank them with a simple word. :)


I reckon I'm going to go with Parlez vous l'anglais? and then speak English :)