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Started by RachelN76, June 10, 2012, 06:23:43 PM

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What do you do about speaking French in DLP?

I've just got back from my first trip there, and my French is really bad (I did GCSE French 20 years ago), but I think it's only polite to have a go, and I enjoy trying. :)

I started every conversation in French but almost every time got an answer in English.  Clearly my French really is that bad.  However on a few occasions I must have managed to sound fluent enough to get a response in fast and fluent French.  Which I then didn't understand because it was so fast, and I then had to clarify, which spoiled the illusion a bit!!

And once, in the new York hotel, one very lovely concierge had a fifteen minute conversation with me in French, which probably would have only taken five minutes in English, but it was really nice that he let me practice, and he even said that it was really good that I understand a little, I speak a little, and that's enough to start.

So do you speak a lot of French, a bit or non whatsoever?
I was amazed at the CMs and how effortlessly they switched from French to English to Spanish and Italian. Amazing.  Wish I could do that.


Pretty much 'Bonjour, au revoir, merci beaucoup' and thats about it tbh lol


I did french at school for 5 years but I have't studied it for 3 years and it's gone completely out of my head! I can pick up on a few words when having a conversation but I just have the basics!

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Je parle un peu de francais, i wish i could be fluent in languages like the cast members. I think its one of the best skills you could ever learn, i love learning them but have a hard time remembering. I am much better at writing french than speaking it.
That was great the cm let you practice. I always try to speak french to them, i think its only polite rather than not bother.


I made the same point on my trip report. My French is extremely limited but I always have a go. I would never go up to someone and just start speaking at them in English. Even if there is no way I could tell them what I needed to in French, I would at least ask them - in French- if they spoke English first.
It's so rude not to even attempt a little French. I did all of the food and drink ordering etc for our group of 9 people, which I hate doing, purely because I was so horribly embarrassed when my friends didn't even attempt a sil vous plait, or merci. It wasn't just my friends though, who in fairness had never been to France before, but I never heard one other English person try French while I was there. It is quite humbling that all of the staff there in parks, hotels and the Village are so fluent in so many languages. We have vowed to have French lessons as a family because I would love to be bilingual.
Our waiter in Planet Hollywood seemed to be quite impressed with my limited French and even helped me with a few words I was struggling with. They must appreciate everyone who makes even the smallest effort1


Quote from: "RachelN76"I started every conversation in French but almost every time got an answer in English.  Clearly my French really is that bad.
I've forgotten all of the French that I've learned, but I can relate to that. xD When I tried it, it's like it's that obvious that we're Brits with bad French skills.

But like most people here, I just try to be polite and say "Merci". I don't say "Bonjour" when introducing myself to cast members, though, so that they know which language they need to use.
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As a CM in a store its the same but the opposite for me..! Like if theres an english guest, but I dont realise they are English until they say 'goodbye' at the end, I feel really bad for speaking french at them though out the sale! Its just so difficult when someone comes up to the till, gives you and item and doesnt say a word, we like to try and attempt abit of whatever language with whoever it is but when I say "hello, bonjour, hola" and get no response its like.. what shall we speak!! Hahaha but all the workers here appreciate any effort in french/another language even if its really bad.. just as I do with french guests when I dont understand what they ask and they try in english! I think its sweet how at Disney (CMs or guests) we don't let language barriers stop us :D
and when all else fails... charades is a life saver... ;)
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i know the basics so its not that bad for me, like if they announce something in french i can more or less make it out or if the signs are in french i can translate it .. even though 9 times out of 10 its got the english translation underneath lol

my mom can speak and even think in french if she wanted to lol so if we ever do get stuck she can translate for us anyway lol

i noticed CMs do like us to try and speak french aswel.  

the once my mom had to go to the first aid place cos she felt really ill and she tried to explain in french what was wrong but obviously knew she was english lol then later on i had to go out of the place to find the rest of the group so i had to ask if i could just wonder in and out but just asked in english, theres no way i could say that lol and the CM understood me fine .. later on the same CM come over to my mom to ask how she was and how she was getting home but asked it all in french and my mom replied in french .. so i think like i said before i think they like it when you speak in french


I think I obviously LOOK very English, so most of the time I actually got greeted with hello rather than Bonjour.  Quite embarrassing! :lol:  But to be fair, I DO look English.  I'm SO fair skinned, freckly, red headed.  Short, plump, and I just don't have that "fall out of bed looking stylish" that french people seem to have!

Mais, je parle un peu de francais, et je comprends un peu, si les CMs parles plus lentements!

However,could I remember the word for spoon during my whole stay there, no I could not!!  I constantly needed to ask for a spoon for the kids.  For reference, in case you need it, it's a cuillere.  :lol:


We tried bits, and bobs of French, and I think it made a  real difference in the interaction we had with the CMs . All the CMs we spoke to , were friendly and helpful.
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I try most of the time to start with French. It's my only chance to practice what little is left from school
(oh my god nearly 20 years now, SHOCK) I like the language and the CMs are always very polite and helpful
if you try speaking French.


I can understand French quite well and can use single vocabs. But when it comes to holding conversation, I'm busted. Never know what tense to use and how to properly conjugate the verbs I need and how to make proper syntax. That donkey of a French teacher I had during secondary school ruined everything. I use French in the resort mainly for asking around or just buying a snack (preferably Pop Corn ^.^).
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Having been both a guest and a CM at DLP I'm fluent in French and a few other languages.  :thumbs:  The CMs have no problem speaking to you in french, or english, or spanish or any other language as long as you say "Bonjour, parlez-vous xxx?" then they are happy to help :)
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One phrase I always find helpful is "ca ne marche pas", be it for shwoing the hotel staff the TV in our room which the reception had accidentaly set on searching mode or to tell other geuts inside the park that something is broken/not accessible to save them from the disappointment
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We're planing on teaching the kids a couple of words in French for when we go, like you all say merci is a must IMO. Granted will only be my son who will use it as my daughter won't talk to any strangers in French or English lol. But worth the effort I think :)