"Where's My Water?" Spinoff: "Where's My Perry?"

Started by AmericanMouse, June 07, 2012, 05:23:21 PM

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This week at the annual E3 event in Los Angeles, Disney Interactive introduced a spinoff game of Where's My Water? to be called Where's My Perry?, which is an Phineas and Ferb-themed version of said popular i-Phone and Android game.

If anyone has Where's My Water?, this would be great for a addition.


It sounds awesome :D "Where's my water" is very enjoyable! (just got a new phone so need to start all over again :/ )

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The game was released today (6/28).  It costs US$0.99 for the record.

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Great idea!!!!! It's cheaper than "Where is my water" ? And it is an exclusive of the App Store or is available also in the Android Market?

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I have this game. IT IS THE BEST ON MY IPOD!
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