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Started by Columbiad, March 28, 2011, 09:18:26 PM

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Quote from: "|Q|"I don't get why 2 different areas dedicated to california.

Well, my thought behind it, was that Hollywood Boulevard would encapsulate a glamourised, almost stylised version of Hollywood - the glitz, the glamour, the fantasy etc etc: "The Hollywood That Never Was," drawing inspiration from throughout time.

Walt's California, is a copy of Buena Vistra Street in DCA, and was intended to be more historic, a more accurate portrayal, and overall more dedicated to the man himself, and also firmly seated in the time-period when Walt arrived.

I picture them behind very different in aesthetic as well - Walt's California would have the Spanish revival style and the Peublo-Deco architecture, having lots of greenery, and generally being bit of an oasis seating between several character-based lands, whilst the Boulevard would be all neon lights, contrasting styles of buildings with very-much city feel.

My original map joined these area's much better.

Quote from: "|Q|"You also put a second recreation of the Hyperion Ave. studios, but Studio 1 at the entrance of the park is already based on it.

I did, in my ordiginal map - whilst it isn't labelled, it's mentioned in the description. Although, I downsized even more in the redraft, because, like you said, Studio 1 is already based on it.