Question about Dining & Restaurants? Use our special forum!

Started by Anthony, May 18, 2012, 04:12:53 AM

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We've now got a new place discuss everything about eating at Disneyland Paris:

This new subforum gives you a dedicated board just for dining questions, tips and information.

And there's more: our new Disneyland Paris Restaurant Index provides a complete list of every single Table, Buffet and Counter Service restaurant at the resort. On a single page, it gives you links to a Menu and Photo Gallery for each restaurant, where available, as well as each location's brand new Discussion Topic right here on magicforum.

These new official dining topics for each restaurant (for example Café Mickey) helpfully provide the same links again, and give you a dedicated place to post questions, experiences or reviews relating specifically to each one.

We also have three new pinned information topics so far for Restaurant Reservations, Meal Plans and Character Dining. Hopefully these will help avoid any obvious questions being repeated on the forum by making this information more easily available to new members. If you have ideas for other pinned topics which might be useful, let us know.

Almost 600 existing topics relating to dining at Disneyland Paris, spanning from this week to the very first days of the forum, have already been moved to the new subforum.

We hope you find the new board helpful with your dining planning, and of course - "Bon appétit!"