How many times have people auditioned for Disneyland..

Started by hannahniamh, May 16, 2012, 09:31:17 PM

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Just out of interest, how many times have people auditioned to work at Disneyland Paris before they finally got offered a contract?.. And then after how many unsuccessful auditions would make you think "yeah, this isn't going to happen."?


I havn't auditioned yet, but once read a blog post by a girl in the States who auditioned 27 times, before landing her dream job (Character Attendant).
Never give up!


I've auditioned once, hope to audition again!

27 times!!  Did she wait 6 months between?  Even if not that's a long time to persevere.   =D>



I have auditioned for a year and half, got through onto the books once. My 6 months wait is now over and have to re audition again 25th September london.
This is probably my 16th audition, go to all of them and not give up, for you dont know what they looking for every time an audition is available. I have noticed its not about how good or bad you are im in experienced I dont know how to sing or dance but its about personality. The casting director may choose people that are 5 ft, another audition some one 6 ft. You dont know until you turn up to all of them.

This is also my dream that I have been chasing for so long. Most important thing of all keep smiling and show that you know how to have a good time.