Plans for rainy days?

Started by ulak, May 12, 2012, 12:34:50 PM

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Hello, i have this important question for a trip. These and next week days looks very rainy. What is better plan for rainy days like this in DLP? Where go, how plan trip, parades, atractions and other, please?
Subquestion: What is the best raincoat for comfort on atraction and in the same time for free walk in parc...? Thank you!

weather forecast: //
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I think going to Walt Disney Studios Park is the best opportunity for a rainy day... there are lots of indoor or roofed attractions (cinemagique, animagique, tower of terror, crushs coaster... just to name a few)... but i think you shouldn't let rain ruin your trip... it also can be fun walking through disneyland park when the walkways are nearly empty and all the people are hiding in shops :)
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Don`t let rain ruin your trip espicially at Disney as there is loads to do. Go for a meal and go shopping. As for rides most of them are indoor anyway and for walking up Main st walk through Liberty or Discovery Arcade instead of walking through the rain.

Here are the indoor rides:
Main St. USA:
Disney Railroad

Phantom Manor
Rustler Round up Shootin Gallery

Pirates of the Caribbean
Le Passage Enchante d`Aladdin

The castle
The Castle gallery
The dragons lair
Peter pans flight
Blanche neige et les sept nains
Les voyages de Pinnocchio
Le Carrousel de Lancelot
Mad Hatters Tea Cups

Space Mountain
Buzz Lightyear
Star Tours
Mysteres du Nautilus
Arcade Alpha & Beta

Walt Disney Studios:
Disney Studio 1
Art of disney animation
Crushs Coaster
Tower Of Terror
Stitch Live
Playhouse Disney
Rock n Roller Coaster

Disney Village:
Games arcade

Games Arcade
Swimming Pool

I prove my point that there is plenty to do when its raining  :thumbs:


Great List, thanks. Will keep a note of your suggestions for wet days. . What happens with parades and Dreams on wet days? Is everything cancelled?  :?:  Thanks


Quote from: "julesk"Great List, thanks. Will keep a note of your suggestions for wet days. . What happens with parades and Dreams on wet days? Is everything cancelled?  :?:  Thanks

the parades usually go on as planned i have known it to go on in the pouring rain (was there once when it was raining and while we wernt waiting to watch it, i did hear the 'X amount of minutes until the parade' announcements and it did go on it was just finishing when we next passed by main st) , not sure about dreams i guess it depends on just how rainy it is (dont hold me to that for dreams i havnt seen it yet so dont know what they do about it when it rains)
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Dreams is on despite the rain! It was the case, when we went last octobre! I think it depends how hard it pours and what the wind is like.
Have fun!! :D


I can also recommend Buffalo Wild West Show or the Aquarium at the shopping mal.


Thanks everyone, much happier now. We had considered the Aquarium on a wet day but positive to know parades and dreams should be on. We have been lucky in the past but got a bad feeling about this visit. Thanks again  :thumbs:


Enjoy your trip :-)

p.s. there is no bad weather just but equipment we say.
Ensure to have waterproof shoes with you.


Don't worry about the weather, just about making the most of the experience and having fun. Most of the queues are under cover to my memory, the shows go ahead as planned and you will have a great time.

Coat wise if say a thin waterproof with layers underneath for the cold, if it gets warm it will be easier to remove a layer than a big coat and risk being cold.

Have fun!
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