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Started by Anthony, May 07, 2012, 09:01:17 PM

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We never take it because we have a shareholders club card, and the discounts are equivalent, plus we have more flexibility (we're not restricted to set menus in particular restaurants)

Depending on which vouchers you get and where you use them you can end up losing money yes (don't use a premium voucher to pay on a cheap buffet!). I think you should have a think about roughly where you want to eat and compare prices... I think they can help save money (and as a few people have said, it allows you to budget for your meals in advance)!


Had to pull the trigger and decided not to include the mealplan on the booking.
After 2 years we are finally going to DLRP again  :thumbs:
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I think it was a good decision.


Hi again,

Can anyone explain Half Board Meal Vouchers to me?
We've booked four nights (five days) and also the Half Board meal vouchers for all 4 nights.
We just went for the standard (basic) level.
Are my following assumptions correct:

1) Each member of the party gets 1 voucher per day (we are all over 3 years old).
2) Each voucher can be used to get either a set-course meal or al all you can eat meal (depending on the restaurant).
3) The set of restaurants on the basic plan are fairly limited (as shows in the brochure).
4) If we want to use the vouchers at any other restaurant we can do so happily, but they only entitle you to the face value of the voucher - not the full meal price.

My main question then is about the face value - is it literally the total amount you paid for the vouchers divided by the number of vouchers?



nearly all correct - but its not 1 voucher per day per person, its one voucher per night booked, so in your case its a total of 4 vouchers per person.
face value - adult vouchers have a different value to childrens vouchers, and the face value of them (in euros) is printed on the back of the vouchers. If you paid for your vouchers in euros, then yes, its exactly what you paid for them that is the face value.  If you have paid for your vouchers in pounds sterling, the value of the standard vouchers is around 25 euros for the adult voucher, and 11 euros for the child voucher. But again, when you get to your hotel and collect your half board vouchers, you'll see the face value of them (in euros) on the back of each voucher.


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Hi..  Has anyone used standard full board?   :?:  With the lunchtime counter service voucher, is there much in the way of choices for veggis and fussy children? Still cant decide between 'Standard' or 'Plus' full board. 'Plus' seems so expensive and not sure I want to spend so much time away from the magic let alone eat that much in one day. Thanks  ;)


We're going on half board plus dining plan. On our first day there we get in quite late so a quick bite will be fine, however on our last day we leave quite late so would like a nice meal. Basically I was wondering if I could use my voucher from day one on day 8?


We booked plus dining package a while back, however after booking buffalo bill, princess meal and deciding on inventions too we've worked out its actually cheaper to upgrade to premium rather than pay the difference. Will I be allowed to do this?

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Yes, last June we changed from full board standard to half board plus we also booked a tea party at the cowboy cookout, they even gave us some money back but that was booked with a travel agents! But as you are adding in value to your booking there should be no problem :thumbs:
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I don't think they are dated from what I remember, but we are there before you go away so I'll  you when we get back if no one else has an answer :D
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thanks love, bet you're excited :)


Yes you can, we have just changed ours and DLRP where more than happy to do it there and then. Just call them direct, it will only take a few minutes.


We have had vouchers on last two trips and they where not dated. You get adult and children ones, all they look for when you hand them over is that you are using the correct tickets, ie: 2 adults/1 child. Disney are really relaxed otherwise, just make sure you book in advance as places can get really busy at certain times. Have a great trip.


Can standard vouchers be used at any restaurant?  Specifically, I'd like to eat at the Blue Lagoon and maybe Cinderella's.  Would I receive the face value of the vouchers and then pay for the additional amount?

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