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Started by Marie, August 09, 2012, 08:25:51 PM

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I am rather confused about All the rules, so I hope you are able to answer my questions.
We ( 2 adults, 1 six-yearold and 1 two-yearold) have booked full board premium.

1) are there restaurants where we CAN NOT  pay with our wouchers in DISNEYLAND park and DISNEY studio?
2) if we in one restaurant order for only about 25€ for All, are we Them able to use just ONE children or adult voucher at a value of 31€ or must each of us use our own voucher ?


You cant use vouchers in Planet Hollywood, Rainforest cafe, Ludwigs Castle, McDonalds and Earl of Sandwich.  There may be a few others but they are the main ones I can think of.

As for your question 2 Im not entirely sure and Id be interested to know of anybodys opinion on that.

I also cant remember if the vouchers are date specific. Meaning if I didnt use one one day would it roll over to the next day or would I lose it? cant remembe :-/

hawian rollercoaster

They are not dated. Anyone done the full board package yet.


I did it in 2010. as long as i remember, we don't get money back if we spend less money, but then again i think we spent the same or above every time. The vouchers aren't dated but i think they're limited to the dates of the stay.
In the restaurants we went to, we didn't have any problems paying with the vouchers...
I hope it helped!

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Yeah thats good to know, my memory wasn't working very well lol!!

Yeah I always thought you dont get change for spending under the face value of the voucher so always try and spend the amount of the voucher.  Not always easy though lol