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Started by Anthony, May 07, 2012, 09:01:51 PM

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Just a thought in reference to the marathon weekend.
There are a lot of US visitors coming and at WDW it is expected to reserve a restaurant as walk ups tent to be scarce.
So I think if your heading out for that weekend you should prepare the reservations list and start planning early.


I've been trying to make reservations but I keep getting a this number is no longer in service message.
Can anyone help please?


Hi!! I am trying to call restaurant reservation department and right after the language selection they inform me that are unavailable for the moment... 3 days now!!!! Do you know why? any information? Thank you!
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Is it mandatory to make a reservation? I honestly dislike having a schedule when I'm on vacation let alone a set time for meals  :-\


Quote from: Giuggiola on March 29, 2017, 03:02:51 PM
Is it mandatory to make a reservation? I honestly dislike having a schedule when I'm on vacation let alone a set time for meals  :-\

No, depending on when you are going it might be a good idea to book,  as it may be busy.  Making a reservation just makes sure you don't have to wait too long or that the restaurant you want to go to is available...  If you are going at a quieter time of the year, there is no need.  If you are going in the summer, you should think about booking in advance if there is a restaurant you really want to go to, etc. 


Does anyone know if Chez Remy has a contact number or email directly? I'm vegan, so eating is fairly difficult. I believe their Tofu Casserole could be vegan along with the vegetarian salad without cheese, but before booking it I want to make sure. I'l called the reservation helpline but they weren't very helpful. I've also tried contacting DLP through the website but never got a response.

Or perhaps I could try the hotel I'm staying at?
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To make a restaurant reservation you can book it 60 days in advance.

You can also book the character meals when you are booking your hotel and travel online and it is cheaper then paying at the restaurant. So if you book the Princess Lunch online with your hotel booking it saves you £10 each.

You can also book restaurants when you are there either at your hotel, at the restaurant door, city hall.
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We are going in August with my mum who will be in a wheelchair.  We haven't been for a few years and just wondered if you still cant book Annette's diner in advance and is there any other restaurants you cant book in advance.  We are just trying to plan to make things a bit easier as I have never been with someone in a wheelchair before and don't fancy queuing for ages but the kids would love to do Annette's again.

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Sadly you still can’t book Annette’s. Check out the link below, there is a option to filterr by reataurants that accept reservations: