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Started by Anthony, May 06, 2012, 02:47:43 AM

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Welcome to the magicforum Disneyland Paris Restaurant Index!

Our dedicated dining topics for each restaurant (click the Discussion links below) are here for you to share your experiences, reviews, tips and questions for each location, or to notify us of changes to the menu. Next time you dine at Disneyland Paris, why not share your experience here with photos and a review of your meal? Please feel free to also ask any questions about specific restaurants in their relevant topic.

Complete restaurant menus (Menu & Info) are provided by DLP Guide with the most comprehensive and up-to-date online Disneyland Paris dining guides, while helpful and beautiful pictures (Photo Gallery) of each dining location can be found at Photos Magiques.

See also: our previous Restaurant Reviews topic.

Disneyland Park

Table Service

Buffet Service

Counter Service

Walt Disney Studios Park

Table Service

Buffet Service

Counter Service

Disney Village

Dinner Show

Table Service

Buffet Service

Counter Service

  • McDonald's
Bar Service

Disney Hotels

Disneyland Hotel

Disney's Hotel New York

Disney's Newport Bay Club

Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Disney's Hotel Cheyenne

Disney's Hotel Santa Fe