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Started by Astya, May 05, 2012, 12:55:00 PM

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I went to audition in copenhagen all the way form sweden (just at train ride). it went really well and i am now on the waiting list for character/parade - no face for me :( I think they picked out 15 or so. 5 had to try make up and wigs but only 2 girls was picked out for princesses in the end. lucky them :) Hope to get a call soon! :)


Hi everyone!

I have been to Disney parade and character performer auditions before and I made it to the end everytime but then I was considerd a face character but at the end it didn't worked and there was nothing else in my lenght. To bad!
I really liked the auditions! Thinking about going again soon. Does someone have the email adres from mr. Harding because i want to ask him a question. Stil doubting if I should email him.. But maybe i should try it.

Can anyone help me? Thank you so much!

la goof

I am new to the Disney experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts.  I am an Aussie girl and I will be attending the Montpellier audition this coming Saturday. It is a frightening experience with that great adrenalin rush. As most of you say, you just don't know what the judges will look for.  

Wish me luck with the audition its been a long way to get here and hopefully my determination good spirit and wiliness to make people smile will pay off on Saturday.

Thanks for all the great stories it really is an inspiring forum

la goof

Thank you for your time and detail to posting information about the audition process. I have come to Montpellier from Sydney for the Saturday 8th June audition.  Indeed a long way to travel for a Disney audition but I will give it all I've got.

I have a question for those of you that have been to the audition. How on earth do you do a dwarf imitation in the spot. I have been practising one of the characters and would like any tips on which one is best or which one not to do. Ive read doing sleepy and sneezy is typical and as a result I haven't practised these. Any insider info would help this little Aussie girl.
Thank you