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Started by Astya, May 05, 2012, 12:55:00 PM

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After reading all of these it sounds like a hard round of auditions which is why I've decided to go back to college after this course i'm on to get some exsprience by doing the Arts and Theatre course and then after those two years try I might be 23 by the time but does your age to audition for any disney park really matter thanks :-)...


Does anyone know what the song we danced to was for the audition? I've auditioned in Los Angeles for the past two years and it was the same, but I can't track it down.

It starts with drums and the only lyrics I could ever make out are: "Here where (adventure?) began." and the last two words are "Discovering destiny."

If anyone can help me find it that'd be awesome!    :D


Ten second snippet of the song:


my sister and I went to Leeds today for the audition...

neither of us are dancers, so slightly intimidated by the fact that pretty much all 200 people there were :p

I made it through the animation round, my sister messed up at just the point the casting director was looking at her, so her number was called.

It came to the dance round, the choreographer taught us the dance step by step   :shock:     It was so, so hard. She kept saying not to worry because it doesn't matter if you can dance, but clearly the dance would not be so hard if they weren't looking for good dancers :p  My number was called, and we made our way back home, slightly deflated, but inspired to practice our dancing skills for next time!


It is great to read all this amazing experiences of yours, a bit scary, but I'm still thinking of trying this year  :D  I was dreaming about it for really long time. I can see that dance part is the hardest, but well... How exactly does it look like? (Because I still can't imagine this :oops:) I mean, are there any universal dance steps they want performers to do or they are just show them every time and we have to copy them? Is there any opportunity to prepare? They write they need "basic dance level" but, haha, it seems to be a huge lie  :^o So, have I possibility to be prepared in any concreted steps or I have just to practice my general skills? I'm looking forward to your response! Thank you so much  :D


Hi Meggie ,
I auditioned in London on March 21st 2013 and there really is not allot of prep you can do for the dance section as they change what routine they do each audition. However the animation you can really prepare for as this basically never changes. this goes to the count of 8, step forward as a cowboy/cowgirl , round in a circle as a pirate, stand on the spot as a dwarf , bow as a prince/princess and walk off as yourself. I was lucky I got through the audition onto the magic 6 month waiting list on a 175 contract, as a character. If you can ace the animation then all is good, the dance section all they are looking for is a for a care free fun person , as of course the first four people in the parade should be good dancers coz they can be seen , but when the public look down the 16th row all they see are faces. so smile and have fun throughout the audition and really show you want the position

Hope this helps

ask me any other question , i would be happy to help  :)



Hey Sam!
Congrats about making it onto the waiting list :)
I also auditioned in London and made it onto the 6 month waiting list (I went on the 22nd), and I'm sooo excited and proud of myself for making it this far but now I've got my heart set on working there as a face character and I'm worried that I won't hear anything from them... I imagine their waiting list is pretty long!
I was pretty terrible during the dance round (I've never had a dance lesson in my life) and it was such a shock to make it through to the end, I think it was because I smiled and had fun with it. But yeah it's torture not knowing whether I'll actually be working there or not, it would be a dream come true!

Anyway, it's good to see a post from someone in the same situation as me! Also, what do you mean by a 175 contract? I know they said about the different contracts they offer but I can't remember specific details.




What exactly is an animation audition? I know that probably sounds kind of silly but I am not really aware of them. What do u mean by the instructions above for step forward as a cowboy/cowgirl etc? like how do u show it?



hi sarah good to hear back from you! :)

Ok so within the audition for characters and lookalikes ( the standard audition) there are two parts/rounds in which people get knocked out of, if they r not good enough. the first round is 'animation' you are shown on the day a short movement sequence/dance within witch you have to act like the characters and the directions i was giving above was what the dance is that you will be shown as it does not really change.  so for example taking 8 steps forward as a cowboy/cowgirl in the count of 8 . you then after being shown this get a few mins to practice and are then split into groups to perform infront of the judges , where they will tell you then and there if you are going home or not. you then get 20 mins break and the 2nd round begins witch is the dance , this is more tricky. if you get through this round you've made it and will either get a contract then and there for a dance and character or be put on the 6 month magic list as a character performer only ( so no parades) which is what i am on at the moment, as i did the audition on the 21st March 2013.

Hope this helps , please keep the questions coming as i love talking about this subject , DISNEY!!! :) :) :)



Cool thanks, yeh you are really helping so thank u...i was meant to go to that audition in london but didnt make it so hoping to get to Copenhangan now on the 11th april. So if your on the waiting list does that mean u have a job but no parades or nothing at all right now and won't ever get parades?

Also, I know I sound like I know nothing but guess I haven't acted in a while or auditioned tbh and lack confidence so the more ready I am the better. Dancing is a different matter though I am slightly out of practice. What made people stand out at the audition do you think? especially with animation? and also when u say they show u.. do they give u examples of what kind of moves u can do or is it rehearsed improvisation more so? and in 8 steps? so a different move per step and is it talking or just body language and the odd word or laugh or is it mime? :S lol

sorry about all the questions. I absolutely love disney and thought I might get the cast member position but dont think I will now cause haven't heard back and interviews are over in dublin so trying a different route.


Sarah ! Hi  good to hear we have a similar passion for Disney !!,
OK so i will go through these methodically easier that way.  :)
1). people standing out, just wear a bright colored t-shirt or something that will slightly brand you, as in 'ow look at the girl over there  in the yellow top , Sarah she looks amazing we should defo give her a job' ...... or something .... you get what i mean. The main thing in terms you can do to do well and stand out is be really big and outgoing in your personallity and when you move and always smile, do that throughout your audition even waiting in line and things , never stop smiling , the mouse is always watching. when doing the movement piece the stupider you feel the better you r doing. Always think BIG coz otherwise when u r in a character costume , people arn't gunna see small movments. things like wave from your elbow instead of your hand ect...

2). they show you , as in teach you as a group the dance , like they would in any dance class or group taking you slowly step by step through the dance.
3). the movement animation piece is all mime. as in no words or sounds , as when in the costume you won't be able to make noises. in the count of 8 as well , as in ' a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. for each time you change character ( in no way did i mean to be patronizing when i did that , just so your clear :)   )

hope that all help , keep the questions coming, if iv not explained somthing clear enough ask it again its alll cool :)



Hi Tom
Well done mate , yer not gunna lie same here , soooo glad to hear there is another person in my situation , cool. yer man i hope they will get back to us soon dude , i recon in the next month or two as surely with the 20th extension this summer is gunna be BIG so they will want more people and surly people who worked there all winter will leave in time for summer. I think its all fine. As far as being a face character GO FOR IT MAN! , that would be awsome for you! yer dude, i promsume you would have to ask if you can get a futher audition when you get there but i don't see why not ! chase the dream man ! .  Its so funny hearing you messed up the dance and just smiled and had fun with it , coz that was my exact same situation i completely screwed up all the dance moved and ended up laughing while i was doing it for the judges coz of how crap i was doing the dance at the time :D/  ! hahaha . The 175 contract is somthing that we will most likly be on , i am prosuming here, It is for characters only, so no parades. apparently from speaking to people in the past who worked as a character at DLP , if you are just a character you mainly work in the studios , which is cool , but really want to work in disneyland park/magic kingdom. but hay all of this is just speculation. did you get one of those exiting buisness cards from the Daniel Harding? , was so exited when he passed it over ! haha. let me know how things progress as if you get a contract would be call to meet you out there , at work ( if you can really call it that ! )  but same im hoping to hear back soon ! as im sure everyone is , fingers crossed.   :thumbs:  :thumbs:  :thumbs:

Sam :)


Yeah well when I say face character it's just what they said I and a few others would be good for, I think mainly because we weren't so good as dancers but we had the right enthusiasm and personality, if you know what I mean? But I'd be thrilled to do anything there! I just want to work there so badly haha. I don't know about you but I don't think the dance was actually that hard, like I would definitely be able to do it easily if we'd had slightly longer to practice, but as I'm not a dance student I'm not used to how quickly they're able to pick these things up.
YES I loved when Daniel gave us the business cards, it made it all so official haha!  It already feels like so long since the audition, all I can think about is hearing back from them!! But yeah definitely keep me updated about how things progress for you too :)



tom ,

yer dude i will keep you informed as i hope you will to me. yer to be honest i found the dance quite hard , like probs your a way better dancer then me coz geez i would not be able to do that! hahaha it would take me like 2 weeks solid to get it smooth geez yer im not the most natural dancer hahaha!!. But yer man i recon they will probs get back hopfully with the next month or so fingers crossed!!!!



Hello. I am from Sweden and  I am new on this page :) I went to the Copenhagen audition thursday and I am now also on the waiting list for character (not face)  and parade performer. I wonder when we will hear something? It worries me when I read that some people donĀ“t get a call or a job when they are on the list? They only picked two girls for face characters. A swedish Rapunzel and a Danish Snow White. The girl who got Snow White really looked like her. I'm just a chipmunk....... Is anyone in here starting as a performer in april?