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Started by Anthony, May 05, 2012, 02:16:57 AM

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Welcome to a brand new magicforum board: Casting Centre.

All our discussion about working for Disneyland Paris was previously held within a single "Disneyland Paris Jobs" topic, which over the period of a few years amassed over 100 pages of posts. Therefore, we've decided to open a brand new forum just for this cause. You can still post in that original topic if you wish, but please do now feel free to start new, separate topics within this board for your own applications, questions or tips.

Though the information and discussion will naturally be geared mainly towards Disneyland Paris Cast Member positions, you're also free to discuss working for any Disney resort or indeed any part of The Walt Disney Company.

For our members who are particularly knowledgeable in certain aspects of becoming a Cast Member: perhaps you could help us out by creating quick "at a glance" guides providing general information about the departments, processes, contracts, etc. that we could then pin to the top of this new board? The French Cast Member board at Disney Central Plaza could give an example of this.

We wish you luck in your careers - bon travail!

Find the official Disneyland Paris Casting website here:


Thank you so much for this, Anthony! I'm sure there are lots of us who will find this even more useful now (:


Any summer job offers out yet for 2014 in Disneyland Paris ?


Does anyone know if there are going to be anymore entertainment auditions in the UK or Paris before the summer?

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Hey everyone  :)

as you've maybe noticed I'm new here at the magic forum and this topic really caught my eye. As many of you it is also my dream to become a castmember after my studies are finished. (that will be in 4 years I guess  :(

It's a decision I've made already a few years ago, and I've been looking around ever since for information. I know there's a giant topic about this but I haven't had the time yet to read it entirely. I read a lot about working there, but there are some questions I still haven't found a solution for. It would be so great if you could help me with this! My questions are as following:

- Can you ask them to get a CDI contract? Cause I would love to stay there for more than just a few weeks... Or do they decide what contract they give you and do they decide afterwards if they will extend it or give you a permanent contract?
- Is it true that you can stay in one of their residences if you work there for a longer period of time?
- Is it true that there are castings in Paris monthly? And if yes, where can you find the dates?

And of course you may give me some advice and share you're experiences! It would bring me a bit closer to my dream...

PS: Sorry if these questions are already answered, just tell me if this is the case   :o
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I'm a costume student studying in the UK and my dream job would be working in Disneyland's wardrobe department. Does anyone know if any of the parks offer work experience or intern ships?

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Hey Guys,

I'm Irish and want to audition for Disney for the Summer in Pinneaple Dance Studios, instead of waiting till the end of June for the Irish ones. However the casting post says that the seasonal contracts start in May... If I'm not available until June would they not even consider me? I've never been before so idn