Orbitron hurts!

Started by Simba 27, April 28, 2012, 10:12:51 PM

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Simba 27

In my last visit to Disneyland Paris, in my departure day, I and my friend decided to use some of the Extra Magic Hours and to visit a bit Disneyland Park with few guest inside before leaving; we never went on Orbitron, and since we already did 4 times Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, we decided to take that ride for say "goodbye" to the Park.
It was really a bad idea: we went on the same spaceship (and I don't think that the ship are only for one guest, and we had average size, height and weight), and we want to ride a certain spaceship , but it was suddenly took by two other guests, so a Cast Member guide us to a free one, and he help us to seat inside; just when we seated (I went ahead, and my friend seated behind me), the flying machine looks really small and not so comfortable. When it starts to move.... Blaming the centrifugal force, we were pushed to our left and our legs were pushed into each other (because I was between the legs of my friend); it was really painful! Maybe we were seated not in the correct way (but if that was the case, why the Cast Member that was with us don't said anything??? The one that was at Cars Race Rally even help us to fast our bells...), but when we went out from the ship, it was even hard for us to walk fine, since our legs were really bad harmed; fortunately, no broken bones, but we decided to go no more on that ride in future trips. It was really a pity that our last ride at Disneyland, was really a painful disaster.
Your previous rides on Orbitron were always nice?

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I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience!
When I went on this ride, the Cast Member didnt say anything to us about a certain position to sit in?!
It did take a long time to wait for, it was a bit uncomftorble I suppose but I thought it was quite fun!
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I've heard more people complain about this! I have never ridden it, just for the fact I heard people say it really hurts.


my 2 stepchildren age 12 and 15 went on Orbitron together and they said they were struggling for room (12 year old is small and slim, 15 year old is about 5'6 and slim).
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I don't remember it being painful as such, but it was certainly awkward. I went on with my then 4 year old son. He sat in front, but was too small to be able to operate the controls, and I couldn't reach them. So we just went straight up and stayed there, which he didn't mind, but which I was less happy with, as I'm a little uneasy with heights.

So all in all, not the best ride in the place.


Me and my daughter rode this once back in 2008, It is the most uncomfortable ride ever. I can't see us ever riding this attraction again.
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Quote from: "Simba 27"fortunately, no broken bones

 Seriously? O_o'



Great view from Orbitron!
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The last time i went on Obritron was a few visits back, i think it was July 2010? me and my sister were in the queue for this expecting to get one each since we are both tall but the cast memeber told us to get one together and oh my was it a squeeze i had no room to put my legs down properly. It was very uncomfortable.


I can second your experience. On my 3rd or 4th visit I got on orbitron together with my sister. We are both slim persons, but still i fell like a sardine in a tin and when the rocket tilts sideways, you will get bruises from being pressed against the side. I think this effect is not as bad on Dumbo, though even that one is a bit small for 2 adults to sit in
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I dont have any problem riding dumbo


Orbitron does indeed hurt. Its one of the only rides within the park that can cause injury or painful spots! lol (the other being Indianna Jones)

I always find it is miles better when riding alone, however the force against you into the middle of the ride is still present, but at least you are not being pressed against someones leg or shoes!
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Simba 27

Thanks for all the replies. Definitely, I am not the only one that struggled riding this attraction!
The two "twins", Dumbo and Flying Carpets Over Agrabah are more comfortable?

Past trips:
Disneyland Paris: 2001-2005-2007

Disneyland California: 2006


I've never had an issue with the other two, they're designed for 2 people across, not the in-line seating of Orbitron.
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We went last week, this ride is more suitable for one adult and a very small child. There is definately not enough room comfortably for two adults, and the CM should have been aware of that. Such a shame that you were in so much pain.
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