WDS Entertainments

Started by disneymad1000, March 18, 2012, 10:03:26 PM

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Hi guys,
Apart from the Stars 'n' Cars Parade and meet n greets, Is there any other forms of entertainment this year. I swear 4 years ago there was a bit more shows here.
That show in Studio 1,
High School Musical,
Stich and lilo catchng a wave
Whats happening people???
Walt Disney Studios is celerating as well!!!
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There's still Animagique & Playhouse Disney Live! Though I agree, the entertainment is lacking.


We never spend more than a morning in the studios. Probably because of the lacking entertainment. My son just gets bored in there, and wants to get back to the main park. We're hopping to get a bit longer out of him this year though :)
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