Cold at Disney?

Started by captain rocket, February 12, 2012, 10:00:46 PM

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captain rocket

Anyone who was surprised at the France/Ireland Rugby international was cancelled yesterday may be interested in these two shots taken on last Tuesday.The queue area for BTM

And outside IASW

Martin B


Great pictures!!
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There's a few other good photos, here: ... ed-closed/

It's made that the water freezes mid-air!
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thats what it was like when i went this time last year.... the waterfalls at skull rock where frozen solid when we first arrived... but by the time i got these piccys taken they had melted a little

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Great pix - especially the one at BTM
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I'm surprised these water features aren't turned off. Couldn't it be damaging to the pumps or motors, or the sets themselves to let them freeze over?

I'm sure in the past a lot were just left switched off for the whole winter...


I was there from the 11th-14th Feb and I don't think I can explain just how cold it was!! Its never been that bad before. Lake Disney was completely frozen over and my face stung from the wind. Couldn't even take my gloves off to take pictures this time!! :(

Oh and we did see someone make their child STAND on one of the frozen fountains to take their picture??! How irresponsible can you get.

Princess Alexa

i was at DLP from the 12th-14th Feb and it was reallyyyyyy cold! we went to see the stunt show and i was disappointed that they missed out so many stunts, especially since it was my friend's first visit and they missed out on some of the best stunts :(


Quote from: "Rachel84"Oh and we did see someone make their child STAND on one of the frozen fountains to take their picture??! How irresponsible can you get.

Probably Dutch. It's always amusing living here and reading the english papers with all the shock-horror stories about people being so STUPID and going on the ICE!!!! and then going outside and watching the entire population walking and skating all over any and every patch of water available in the whole country. The ice depth and it's skating potential was the lead story on the news for the whole cold snap.

However I think it was probably quite safe. The ice depth was probably 10 cm plus (if Paris was as cold as it was here, and I think it was) and that will hold just about anyone!

captain rocket

I was there 7/9 Feb and on the ninth I took photos of the parade and by the end my fingers were numb with cold, I caught the 18.40 TGV to CDG and my hands did'nt warm up until I was on the train, it sure was cold!!


We were there 30.1-2.2 and whilst it was REALLY cold it was the wind that made it unbearable. Our faces were raw. Never known it that cold before and looking on Weather Underground history, it has been record temps this year.
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I was there the same time as KT and I have never known it to be so cold in my life My hands went purple while taking pictures of the parade didnt bother watching the stunt show as didnt see the point of siting round for an hour in minus 6 temps. 1 sight that I will always remember was a child about 6 years old crying his eyes out because of the cold. I love Disney and Disneyland Paris but for the 1st time I was glad to get on the hot train home. I will go again but not in the cold cold winter ... 942&type=1 ... 942&type=1
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