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Started by Owain, December 16, 2006, 10:50:13 AM

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Hey forum members, i was wondering does anyone here ever imagin rides that have something to do with disney but is not a ride yet. Post them here i would love to here them ! . ` :D


I think I've already said this before, but I'd love a roller coaster (in the dark) based on the Night on Bald Mountain sequence from Fantasia! The carts would be based on the various spirits that Chernabog calls up, and they would be footless seats (like Nemesis at Alton Towers). The ride would go slow at first, with the Night on Bald Mountain music playing...then as the music picks up, the ride gets faster! There would be crazy loops and dips and corkscrews and all sorts of insane roller coaster goodness! Then towards the end of the ride you burst out of the mountain (to the actual outside of the ride), where Chernabog is sat on top of the mountain. And you go round him and passed his head before a huge dip back into the Mountain, where the ride comes to an eventual stop.

8) Hell yeah. :lol:


Nala_84 has designed a Lion King ride, It looks good to be in Adventureland.
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Quote from: "TowMater"Nala_84 has designed a Lion King ride, It looks good to be in Adventureland.

I dont think Nala designed that, she just posted the topic about the ride that someone else had designed on :)


same i think a lion ling ride seems good as well it has already got a show, why not a ride?
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It was already planned but cancelled,
but I think they have to make an Little Mermaid and/or Beauty and the Beast ride. Dark rides are soo coool. :shock:



Is it i nether knew about please cld u tell me about it
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Yeh i deffinately think a little mermaid ride would be great! On the little mermaid DVD theres and extra about the ride that they were going to make and its a peter pan esque sort of ride. Id love to see a ride based around Hercules or Mulan... there my two favourites and theres nothing much on them around the parks! :wink: