When's your next visit?

Started by bensmum, January 08, 2012, 03:58:23 PM

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Jul 14-19, hope it won't be 40° C like last summer
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A week during Easter Break, starting Friday the 26th of April.


After visiting DLP for the first time in 2015, then Disneyland, then Walt Disney World, decided that I'm an official Disney addict.

With that said, I'm planning 3 trips this year! First, I'll go and get my AP just in 2 weeks time, May 3-5.
Then, I'll be checking out Disney Loves Jazz in June.
Followed by the AP Soiree with 100 characters in September.

Who will I meet? :)

My badges of honor: 2014/06 - DL | 2015 Sep, 2019 May - DLP | 2018 May - WDW

Coming up: DLP: Jun, Sep, Oct | WDW: 2020 Jan

Dreams come true

Going for the first time july 9 - 12. Staying at Santa Fe. :)


Especially looking forward to the Phantom Manor reopening night :)


My friends and I will be there from October 31st to November 3rd! Can't wait, it's our 2nd Halloween there!
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September 2020!! 510 days to go :'(
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Going on my first ever solo trip (and first trip in 5 or 6 years) on Friday in 4 days, wohoo! Cant wait :D


Next trip will be for the runDisney weekend, 20-22 September. Staying in the Cheyenne for the first time, so looking forward to that!!

Then going back a couple of weeks later (5-6 October), though apparently we'll only be spending 1 day in the parks

Not sure I'll be able to squeeze in another trip before the end of the year (but we're doing a Disney Cruise for Christmas, so cannot really complain  ;D )