My ideas for DLRP 2011-2021

Started by disneyisthebest, December 17, 2011, 10:08:16 PM

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2011:magical moments festival
2012:20th anniversary,world of disney store
2013:Santa fe hotel refurb,Santa fe and Cheyyenne to get pools,imagineers design third gate
2014:cheyennne hotel refurb,Santa fe to get a adimiar floor style object,work on expanded fantasyland commences
2015:ground breaking on third gate,villages nature phase one opens,sequoia lodge refurb finishes,ratouie ride construction begins,new hotel construction begins,Disney village expansion opens,crush's coaster fastpass starts
2016:armadegggon demolished,WDS hotel constrution begins,most of studio 1 and front lot demolished for buena vista street construction,toy story midway mania constrution begins ,Santa fe admiral's floor object buildings constructed,Disneyland hotel refurb,expanded fantasyland opens,SM:M2 closes to become SM:M3,cars land construction begins
2017:Santa fe refurb finishes,buena vista street opens
2018:cars land opens,cheyennne refurb finishes
1 year break in improvements
2020:ratatouie ride opens,new hotel opens,SM:M3 opens
2021:wds hotel opens,third gate opens,Disneyland hotel refurb finishes,toy story midway mania opens


Wow, That is a very busy timeline. I would suggest that all ideas are good except for work on the third gate. At the moment Imagineering should be solely thinking about WDS.

Still, great ideas


2014:cheyennne hotel refurb,Santa fe to get a adimiar floor style object

Really :?:

2 year break in improvements

Don't let thme stop once they've started ;)



Remember this board is our own blue sky imagineering ideas Epcot-Boy


Some ideas i realy like..!
Just one question, why you close SM.M2 in 2016 and open it 4 years later with SM:M3..?
IsnĀ“t it a bit of a very long time just for a retheme and with one less Attraction in this Area..? xD


It undergoes a very extensive refurb