Hotel NY room souvenir (paper,enveloppes, hood)

Started by Ceh, September 10, 2014, 06:39:42 PM

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After cleaning up I found this. From a visit a long time ago at Hotel NY. Last year there weren't any at the rooms, a pity. Anyone an idea when they stopped doing this?
I thought some of you might like it! Paper, two sorts of envelopes, and a hood.


I've got some from Sequoia Lodge too from when I last went there 10 years ago.  Perhaps in these days of email and social networks, particularly with free Wi-fi in the hotels, they think normal paper and envelopes aren't needed. 


Such things depends normaly on the Hotel standards. I had a lot of such things during my last trip to Portugal only 1,5 weeks ago: I had postcards, diffrent paper, envelopes... aaand free wifi/wlan service.

An example: In Germany you need a "Korrespondenzmappe" (which is exactly the thing you see on the picture) if you want a 4 or 5 star classification for your hotel.  ;D

Maybe they simply dropped the standard or the french classification has other rules.  :-X
Wer nämlich mit "H" schreibt ist dämlich.

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Wh had them in DLH in March this year! 2 postcards plus the pack pictures (only DLH version obviously)!